Freeloading? Why don’t games sell as well on PS4?

It’s out, games don’t sell as well on PS4 than on Xbox One. But why? Certainly there are way more consoles out there in the public than there are Xbox Ones. But month after month the games that come out on both systems get snapped up by a multiple more on Xbox. Even Xbox 360 gamers buy more games than PS4 users.

Now there are one theory. The PS4 launched to much fanfare in 2013. It sold for $100 less than the Xbox One and subsequently got snapped up by the masses. Sony also introduced free games for PS+ members and said that they will give their subscribers AAA titles like Driveclub.

Now we can speculate all we want but I believe that the majority of PS4 owners are the type of gamer that would play demos and free games more than going out to buy them mainly because of their situation. Maybe most of the buyers were parents who were bullied into buying one, but don’t want to buy games outside of birthdays and Xmas.

Xbox One gamers on the other hand have upgraded from their Xbox 360’s and subsequently continued their rabid need for games. The notion that all Xbox 360 gamers moved to PS4 is a fallacy that should be nipped in the bud, because if that happened, games would consistently sell more on that platform.

It’s well known even though the PS3 and Xbox One were on equal terms last gen based on sales, games sold more on 360. Destiny, a game Microsoft wasn’t even allowed to advertise mainly because of the exclusive deals for PS4, sold more on Xbox One than on PS4.

I’ve seen this several times, gamers on PS4 constantly hammer on about the free games on PS+. They demand AAA games and have a complete disregard for how much it costs to manage servers and/or the viability of allowing 15 Million users download a AAA game which costs at retail $40.

On Xbox we have several free games and demos. And with EA Access you can get AAA games at a monthly fee of $4. But the games with gold offerings have been mostly mediocre. But that’s fine. We should see AAA games by the end of the year, because of price decreases and sales starting to waver in light of new games.

But so far it’s clear, Xbox gamers buy more games regardless of how many consoles out there. Based on Sony’s numbers, there are about 8 million free loaders out there who might buy one game a year and then bitch about not getting free games on PS+.

Don’t fuck this up! My most anticipated games for 2015

2014 wasn’t that exciting when it comes to games. We saw games that didn’t really push the envelope when it comes to gameplay and story. But we have high hopes for the 2015/2016 timeframe. Here are my list for the top most anticipated games for 2015/16 that will make me seriously pissed off if they’re shit.

Halo 5: Guardians


Halo is one of my favourite games that I only got into thanks to The Master Chief collection. Plagued by problems I only stuck to the Single player campaigns. However, Halo is an epic saga that will continue with Halo 5. Promised to really push the envelope when it comes to graphics thanks to the Cloud and Direct X 12, this game is going to blow the roof off of this mother*****.

We’ve already got a taste of the Multiplayer, and boy was it good. Even if the graphics was a bit meh, but it was a beta build so lets be realistic here.

Coming to Xbox One exclusively in Holiday 2015.

Age of Empires 4


It’s been fucking ages since Microsoft released a follow up to Age of Empires 3 and it’s time. People are still Twitching Age of Empires 2 for god sake. Microsoft did hire people for a release of a ‘favourite’ RTS game and although it can mean they’re rebooting Age of Mythology, I’m really holding my thumbs they show us something at E3 2015. If they don’t I’ll be pissed.

DirectX 12 should make this even more interesting. And don’t for the love of god insult us with one of your free to play bullshit like on mobile. That shit sucks.

Expected Holiday 2015 on PC.

Fallout 4


Now I’ve never played a Fallout game in my life. Yet everytime one comes out it becomes my favourite, mainly because the game is so fucking awesome it’s worth just looking at. People have been practically doing a rain dance speculation on the return of this amazing franchise and things have really gotten hot since Bethesda announced they will have their own little E3 keynote. Now if that doesn’t scream Fallout, you can shoot yourself.

Even if I never play it, I’ll sure as hell watch it for hours on Twitch.

Expected Holiday 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Quantum Break


Now I thought Alan Wake was a cool game. And sure the graphics and atmosphere was epic. But just think, controlling time while shooting shit? I mean how epic can a game get? Remedy, If you fuck this up and it gets a 6/10 on Metacritic I’ll fucking hate you.

Expected September on Xbox One exclusively.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Now Witcher have never really been on my radar. It’s true that when the first one was released it piqued my interest for 3 seconds because the box art was amazing. But I never played it. Now when those epic trailers for Witcher 3 was revealed and gameplay was shown, my open world dinges was tickled. I in all fairness hate open world games like Skyrim and GTA because I’ll waste copious amounts of time wandering down paths and never really get into the story. But I really want to get into the Witcher story, because man does it look amazing.

Expected May on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Forza Motorsport 6


This game is like the obvious choice when it comes to racers. Anyone who says anything to the contrary should have their head examined or should take pills for looking like Sarah Jessica Parker. Forza 5 was relatively meh when it came to content mainly because it was a launch title and time probably was on short supply. But with DirectX 12, the cloud and Microsoft and Turn 10 getting their shit together we should see a racing game that will make real life look like Minecraft.

Turn 10, look at me….don’t fuck this up.

Expected Holiday on Xbox One exclusively

Mass Effect 4


Now I have a love hate relationship with Mass Effect. Sure I own every single game on PC and I bought them on Xbox 360. I played the first instalment and got further on PC because the controls system on 360 was so complicated I wanted to kill myself. Yes I still haven’t finished the first one because seriously, this game drags fucking on. But for all its faults, I still want to finish this game. I really hope they build a remastered version of the first 3 in a nice collection so I can do the Halo binge playing and get my shit together and see what the fuss is about.

The remastered version is expected Holiday 2015 on Xbox One and PS4

More at E3?


Well obviously they’ll blow our minds at E3. We might see games like the next Assassins Creed, Indies and shit and maybe something really awesome. But so far the only games worth our attention is listed above.

What about Sony exclusives? Well so far there is Uncharted, but so far it looks dull. Hopefully they’ll show the game at E3 2015 they teased at E3 2014 instead of a PS3 game in full HD.

Other than that, I do hope they show something interesting. But right now the games above have my full attention and money.


Hush little princess, don’t you cry. What The Order 1886 showed us.

When the review embargo lifted for The Order 1886, people looked on in shock when review after review flooded in saying the game was outright boring. Even I was surprised to see so many gaming websites agree for once. This game have been on so many people’s radar since its reveal back in 2014. So why did so many people feel let down by this game?

Regardless of the few that scream racism (whot), the writing was on the wall from the start. For months after the reveal, people who played the demo and had a look at it at certain trade shows (including me) complained that it was linear, too restricting, boring and so forth. But in this industry, the hype was built up to unreachable highs even though they had evidence hitting them in the face of the contrary.

This is the problem with the gaming community as a whole. We treat games like little princesses that should be coddled because everyone is special. We don’t want to take developers to task for creating arguably shit games. It started with Dead Rising, and the latest was The Order 1886. We have people literally defending an unreleased title and then scream ignorance when they’re proven wrong and want to altogether censor review scores (see Eurogamer) because it hurts their feelings seeing some exclusive getting a 5/10.

Reviews are important (since I was a kid) because they give you a pretty good overview for when you want to buy a game. Of course you can disregard this and buy it anyway. For one, Ryse was universally disliked but I still bought it when my local gamestore offered it at a third of the price when I picked up the console. It was generally a good game although repetitive. Would I have bought the game full price? Absolutely not.

Games unfortunately are subjective material. You may like Panty Raiders but the rest of the world might question your sanity. You may give The Order 1886 a 95% score, but the rest of the world will wonder if you completely lost your mind.

We as gamers need to stop treating games like little princesses. It happened with Watch Dogs, Driveclub, The Order 1886, Little Big Planet 3 and Ryse. These are universally slated games by reviewers but the user base defended these developers and their shit games because ‘we need to protect our exclusives and pretend they’re worth a shit’. Nobody gives a shit whether or not its an exclusive or not. The exclusive games a platform has makes it worth a purchase. Defending bullshit makes your community look delusional.

Call it out when you see it. Stop trying to see things that are not there. And stop trying to silence people because they don’t agree with your delusional view on the world. You are bound to be disappointed and make a fool out of yourself by screaming ‘Racism’.

If we don’t, then we’ll have a world where game developers find it fair to say the ‘human eye can’t see past 5 hours’ and bury games in DLC. And why should a game be a game? When we can make it a movie with a few quick time events.

This is the future if we don’t stop treating our games like little princesses. Beat the shit out of devs and studios if they fuck you over with hype and lies.

Can’t touch this. Top 10 favourite games of all time!

I’ve been a gamer since the early days (Nintendo NES and the good old monochrome PC’s). And I’ve played a good number of games that stretched from racing to action adventure. Here are some of the titles that stick with me in the back of my mind and are used to compare new games to. This list is not in any particular order, and they all are equally my favorites.

1. Age of Empires Series. Time to take over the world


Age of Empires have been a mainstay of my gaming career. Since the first demo I got to play back on Windows 98 (they gave you free demos back then on the Windows disk), I’ve been hooked. There haven’t been any strategy game that matched its brilliance.

2. F.E.A.R

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The first game hooked me for life, I binge played this game on my PC for a whole weekend and finished it wanting more. Unfortunately the subsequent sequels haven’t been the same for me, although I bought all of them. The first game still holds the crown as the best FPS game.

3. Call of Cthulhu. Dark Corners of the Earth


The first and last Survival Horror game I will ever play (mainly because everything since have been watered down and boring). This game literally scared the shit out of me. Dubbed the “First person Pooper” by NAG. The dark foggy game design and eerily creepy characters combined with mental instability and your character losing his mind slowly made this a masterpiece. Never will you know what it feels like to try and survive while your player loses his mind while the keyboard starts to malfunction. The game even came with a warning telling you that it’s not the PC, it’s the game.

4. Need for Speed. Porsche 2000


Released the same time as Gone in 60 Seconds this was the first and only racing game that I played non stop for a year. I played it so much that the cars I drove actually increased in value. This game made me a fan of Porsche cars and the way they implemented customizations hooked me permanently. It also had the first ‘Forza’ like view of your vehicle and the tracks were beautiful for the time. EA has since lost the plot with the franchise and I do hope they get the zing back.

5. Conquest of The New World


This is the only turn based strategy game I’ve played and liked. It wasn’t too impressive graphically but it had fun gameplay and kept me busy for quite a while.

6. Half Life 2


When I first saw Half Life 2 I was amazed at the graphics this game had. Back then I didn’t have a PC that could run the game until 2 years later. I played the game continuously for days until I finished it. The story and game design was absolutely brilliant and in my mind it is one of the best story based games I’ve ever played. Valve outdid themselves here. Steam was just a pain in the backside back then, it barely worked.

7. Ratchet and Clank


One of the only PlayStation games I’ve ever liked. Ratchet and Clank hooked me on the PS2 and I played the game every chance I got. The story and game design was quirky and fun and the gameplay was difficult but easy to get used to.

8. Halo


The first time I got to play Halo was when i343 released The Master Chief Collection. I’ve always heard about Halo but never got to play it mainly because I was a PC gamer. When I got the Xbox One, I bought the collection first chance I got. The game was an instant success. The story was deep, the game design and layout was perfect and by the time I played Halo 4 I was a Halo fan. I also enjoyed the switch between the original and remastered modes. I am buying Halo 5 the moment it launches, no matter what anyone says.

9. Sim City


I’ve never been a fan of the Sims games. But when I got Sim City 2000 I was an instant fan. Nothing beats having a city that you need to manage from going bankrupt. The latest instalment is quite limiting but it still beats The Sims, a game where I have sex with everyone that walks by my house because the rest of the game is so utterly boring.

10. Arcanum. Of Steamworks, and Magick Obscura


If you’ve never played this game you are missing out. Similar to the Elder Scrolls series but based on the third person view, this game was one of the best designed and written games I’ve ever seen. It came with multiple endings, Lord of the Rings style story, different classes and infighting. It required you to listen to each story and make choices (like Mass Effect) because they affected the ending. I’ve never played a story that was this deep before and up until today, I don’t think I have played a game that required this much attention from the player. Mass Effect came close to that but was still fairly linear.


Call of Cthulhu. The Dark Corners at Sony

It’s no mystery that Sony is currently in dire straits. The company, expected to reveal their latest financials and forward earnings estimates in March, is set to reveal how they’ve been doing for the last year.

One can safely predict that it will not be pretty. Sony expects to make an headline loss of nearly $2 Billion for the year, and this is mainly due to their mobile division (which is responsible for gems like the Xperia smartphones and tablets) and the failing TV division which I believe they are looking into selling off.

Yesterday as a shock to everyone, Sony announced that they sold off Sony Online Entertainment, the game studio responsible for games such as the highly successful Everquest and the currently hotly anticipated H1Z1 games. The studio now dubbed Daybreak Studios will port all their existing franchises over to Xbox One.

But what does this say about what is happening over at Sony. Clearly they’re scrambling to raise cash to ensure that their earnings don’t cause a major sell-off in the stock market. I wouldn’t be surprised if more first party studios got the axe, or that more PlayStation specific projects were stopped. The CEO of Sony already made his disdain for first party AAA exclusives known when he said they were hellishly expensive and that he would rather focus on indie games. Will this spell the end for AAA exclusives from Sony as their financial future tumbles down the hill of their imposing ego?

So what can Sony do to get back on the horse? Well they’ve already done a few things that makes sense. PlayStation Now left the PS4 and will be running on Samsung TV’s making Sony hardware pointless, Music and Video Unlimited will be rebranded Xbox style to PlayStation Music and Video. The Vita is getting the axe. And they pulled the Xperia Z4.

But this alone won’t make any difference. In my opinion they should spin off or sell their loss making mobile division. Spin off or sell their TV division. Stop supporting first party development studios, let them do their own thing. Focus on PlayStation and its services and ride their imaging technologies (currently used in iPhones) and kill off that awfully misguided Walkman.

Doing this will help them raise much needed cash, remove the dead weight from their bottom line and helps them focus on one product and service. Sony needs focus as they just seem to be a headless chicken running around trying to make all their balls fall into line. It won’t happen, Samsung is struggling in the Android market, what makes anyone think that Sony with a bottom line that will make anyone eyes water can succeed?

The problem is that Sony firmly believes that they’re the Apple of Android, and in some ways they are. But when you can just go and buy an Apple iPhone instead of a Xperia for the same price, why would you buy a Xperia?

Sony, get your s**t together. Stop trying to do everything, and mobile is not the answer.