Call of Cthulhu. The Dark Corners at Sony

It’s no mystery that Sony is currently in dire straits. The company, expected to reveal their latest financials and forward earnings estimates in March, is set to reveal how they’ve been doing for the last year.

One can safely predict that it will not be pretty. Sony expects to make an headline loss of nearly $2 Billion for the year, and this is mainly due to their mobile division (which is responsible for gems like the Xperia smartphones and tablets) and the failing TV division which I believe they are looking into selling off.

Yesterday as a shock to everyone, Sony announced that they sold off Sony Online Entertainment, the game studio responsible for games such as the highly successful Everquest and the currently hotly anticipated H1Z1 games. The studio now dubbed Daybreak Studios will port all their existing franchises over to Xbox One.

But what does this say about what is happening over at Sony. Clearly they’re scrambling to raise cash to ensure that their earnings don’t cause a major sell-off in the stock market. I wouldn’t be surprised if more first party studios got the axe, or that more PlayStation specific projects were stopped. The CEO of Sony already made his disdain for first party AAA exclusives known when he said they were hellishly expensive and that he would rather focus on indie games. Will this spell the end for AAA exclusives from Sony as their financial future tumbles down the hill of their imposing ego?

So what can Sony do to get back on the horse? Well they’ve already done a few things that makes sense. PlayStation Now left the PS4 and will be running on Samsung TV’s making Sony hardware pointless, Music and Video Unlimited will be rebranded Xbox style to PlayStation Music and Video. The Vita is getting the axe. And they pulled the Xperia Z4.

But this alone won’t make any difference. In my opinion they should spin off or sell their loss making mobile division. Spin off or sell their TV division. Stop supporting first party development studios, let them do their own thing. Focus on PlayStation and its services and ride their imaging technologies (currently used in iPhones) and kill off that awfully misguided Walkman.

Doing this will help them raise much needed cash, remove the dead weight from their bottom line and helps them focus on one product and service. Sony needs focus as they just seem to be a headless chicken running around trying to make all their balls fall into line. It won’t happen, Samsung is struggling in the Android market, what makes anyone think that Sony with a bottom line that will make anyone eyes water can succeed?

The problem is that Sony firmly believes that they’re the Apple of Android, and in some ways they are. But when you can just go and buy an Apple iPhone instead of a Xperia for the same price, why would you buy a Xperia?

Sony, get your s**t together. Stop trying to do everything, and mobile is not the answer.