Hush little princess, don’t you cry. What The Order 1886 showed us.

When the review embargo lifted for The Order 1886, people looked on in shock when review after review flooded in saying the game was outright boring. Even I was surprised to see so many gaming websites agree for once. This game have been on so many people’s radar since its reveal back in 2014. So why did so many people feel let down by this game?

Regardless of the few that scream racism (whot), the writing was on the wall from the start. For months after the reveal, people who played the demo and had a look at it at certain trade shows (including me) complained that it was linear, too restricting, boring and so forth. But in this industry, the hype was built up to unreachable highs even though they had evidence hitting them in the face of the contrary.

This is the problem with the gaming community as a whole. We treat games like little princesses that should be coddled because everyone is special. We don’t want to take developers to task for creating arguably shit games. It started with Dead Rising, and the latest was The Order 1886. We have people literally defending an unreleased title and then scream ignorance when they’re proven wrong and want to altogether censor review scores (see Eurogamer) because it hurts their feelings seeing some exclusive getting a 5/10.

Reviews are important (since I was a kid) because they give you a pretty good overview for when you want to buy a game. Of course you can disregard this and buy it anyway. For one, Ryse was universally disliked but I still bought it when my local gamestore offered it at a third of the price when I picked up the console. It was generally a good game although repetitive. Would I have bought the game full price? Absolutely not.

Games unfortunately are subjective material. You may like Panty Raiders but the rest of the world might question your sanity. You may give The Order 1886 a 95% score, but the rest of the world will wonder if you completely lost your mind.

We as gamers need to stop treating games like little princesses. It happened with Watch Dogs, Driveclub, The Order 1886, Little Big Planet 3 and Ryse. These are universally slated games by reviewers but the user base defended these developers and their shit games because ‘we need to protect our exclusives and pretend they’re worth a shit’. Nobody gives a shit whether or not its an exclusive or not. The exclusive games a platform has makes it worth a purchase. Defending bullshit makes your community look delusional.

Call it out when you see it. Stop trying to see things that are not there. And stop trying to silence people because they don’t agree with your delusional view on the world. You are bound to be disappointed and make a fool out of yourself by screaming ‘Racism’.

If we don’t, then we’ll have a world where game developers find it fair to say the ‘human eye can’t see past 5 hours’ and bury games in DLC. And why should a game be a game? When we can make it a movie with a few quick time events.

This is the future if we don’t stop treating our games like little princesses. Beat the shit out of devs and studiosĀ if they fuck you over with hype and lies.