Xbox is the King of Cross Platform Gaming. Console wars are for Plebs.

There have been a lot of backlash from Xbox and PC gamers alike since Microsoft have taken the reigns in regards to what the future of gaming will be like on both Xbox One and PC. Microsoft is combining the two platforms under one brand which will be Xbox. Is this a good thing or bad thing?

I’m siding on the good, because this can only be beneficial to everyone. Microsoft is bringing first party titles to the Xbox platform no matter where that is played on. So for instance you buy Fable Legends and play it on your PC/Tablet device, you can get home and continue on your Xbox without skipping a beat. This will be the same for all the games coming to this platform.

But Xbox One owners feel done in for some reason and I cannot understand why. Microsoft just added 1.5 Billion potential Xbox customers for games to your favourite platform without selling one single console. This means that every first party title and third party title will favour the Xbox platform and Windows 10 over any other, because obviously the gamers are there.

This means that games on Xbox will be optimized for DX 12, which in turn will mean better looking and performing games on your platform.

We all know game companies especially AAA developers have a tough time ensuring that their game stays within budget, and that their game will reach a suitable audience that they can make money. Microsoft is in a prime position to grab the industry and push them towards supporting the Xbox platform over others because marketshare. Steam has a hold on the PC platform, but Microsoft could easily ship the Xbox console with a Steam app and work with them to integrate features so that they don’t directly compete.

I for one laud the move from one platform to every platform for the Xbox brand. So when the PlayStation faithful bash the supposed ‘loss’ of exclusives to a console, the Xbox faithful will receive tenfold what they lost when games with crossplay come exclusively to the Xbox brand. Remember kids, Xbox is a brand now not a console. That brand just became bigger than PlayStation and Wii combined.

Indie titles will also benefit from this huge userbase. Microsoft can offer them unrivalled cross platform support, with Phone, tablet and PC/Console buyers ready to spend money on their new project. This dwarfs any rival platform and it will ensure that the Xbox platform receive games first. And same goes for AAA games like Tomb Raider, GTA, and Mass Effect.

This is the biggest push by Microsoft to work with partners in the space to ensure that their customers, no matter where they are receive content which is both valuable and optimized for their platform of choice.

Xbox hardware will not go away as it is still the platform of choice for millions of consumers to play games because of convenience. And Microsoft is not abandoning this market, because lets face it console players buy more games per user in general and is willing to spend more.

So I am fully supportive of this push to multiplatform gaming instead of having a silo where only a subset of users may play a certain game. I can’t wait to be able to play my games where ever I am regardless if I’m on my desk with my PC or on my couch with my Xbox.

And those who say they might just buy a PlayStation and get their Xbox games on PC, Microsoft sill gets your business, because you’re still an Xbox gamer.Β  While the peasants rummage through the filth, Xbox gamers and PC gamers have become one force. They’ve all become Xbox gamers.

  • GK15

    Really well written. This is the bigger picture of what MS is trying to accomplish with Xbox

  • Salama

    My thoughts exactly. Ms knows what they are doing and bigger customerbase means more resources for the devs etc. Sony’s console sales just got meaningless.

  • GAF

    Is…this serious? Or a weird satire of fanboys?

  • PenKowalski

    You have some love over at NeoGaf.

  • GAF

    “Console wars are for plebs.”

    “While the peasants rummage through the filth, Xbox gamers and PC gamers have become one force. They’ve all become Xbox gamers.”


  • Parhelion88

    You’re being laughed at NeoGAF for this stupid blog post.

    You’re too obvious, fanboy.

    But this was a great laugh, so kudos for the entertainment ^^

  • Bobby Crosby

    I think this was ghost written by Phil “nobody plays PC games any ways” Spencer.

    • Lucien Voltz

      Phil spencer is a PC gamer

  • It’s Over

    So let me get this right, Dry Shit, you fucking loser:

    a performance target

    which will likely only be hit if it’s $600

    for a console that won’t be out for 18 months

    which will have no exclusives because they’ll all be on PC

    is supposed to save the dead Xbox brand?

    I decided to post this here because, let’s be honest, after this old failure prediction of yours I may as well dissect a newer one here.




  • Whatever

    Don’t worry, Dry Shit, more people will care about the Neo than the “limited edition” Xbone S. So limited there’s still dozens left lying around in multiple markets. Never mind!

  • Whatever

    Elite Dangerous? Is that finished yet, Dry Shit? You fuckers love unfinished games though, Halo 5 and We Happy Few encapsulate the Shitbox experience: just wait. πŸ™‚

    Oh look, Quantum Break on Steam, it must have flopped harder than I thought. Hey, maybe you’ll get that million seller announcement you begged for?

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, has to cry about NMS to distract from QB’s release on Steam and the UWP version’s abandonment. That flopped even more than I thought! Maybe it might get a million selling announcement at some point!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, $249 and four games chucked in and even then they barely won July with low numbers on both consoles. Looking at August’s deals, it looks like they’re desperate for another PR win there too. Shitbox Done: desperation awaits!

    Speaking of desperation, it’s so funny watching you dipshits try and spin PS Now on PC when it’s been on Samsung TVs for ages! A shame PS Now only has PS3 games on it, doesn’t it? At least you’ll finally have something to play on that dust collector. Still nothing about losing QB and Inside? Of course not! Desperation awaits. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    LOL Dry Shit, keep up with the victim complex because your delusions get destroyed, just like your Metashitic user reviews paranoia. No one cares about them. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    LOL Dry Shit still buttblasted he got hooked on a joke designed to mock you over rumoured specs. Pathetic. At least you aren’t comparing a rental streaming service to losing all your exclusives to PC to make yourself feel better about a brand’s failure. Oh wait.

    Only thing NMS can learn from Elite Dangerous is how to be even more unfinished.

  • Whatever

    Phantom Pain on Turds with Gold, Dry Shit? It’s about time you got something decent on that shitfest. Give you something to do instead of begging shops to stock the Shitbone S. I love how you dumb fucks can’t tell when you’re being mocked.

  • Whatever

    I figure they want someone to buy ED on the Xbone, Dry Shit. We all know you don’t buy your own games. A shame SoT looks like yet another Division snoozefest while Yooka-Laylee is stealing Rare’s attention.

    You still worried about the Neo? Cheaper and a year earlier than the Shitpio. That’s what you should be worried about. Don’t be worried about the PS4’s new Quick Menu either. Maybe MS should do similar and copy some games onto that dead Shitbox. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Poor little Dry Shit, so desperate for equivalencies he tries to compare a third party game to MS’ ENTIRE upcoming first party lineup. It’s OK, you can go back to shilling for a rental streaming service when this falls through. Alternatively, you can try and call a mere 7,000 2TB Shitbone S’ selling out impressive. 7,000! Pathetic. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Oh look, Dry Shit still shilling for Elite Dangerous. Is that even finished yet? Who cares, you’ll snap up any old shit to justify that Xbone of yours.

    Shame about Greenberg’s crap interview needing more clarification and being full of bullshit. Is there anything that fat slug can do right? Maybe he can spin that 5 hours of BC use per Xbone. Is that it? With that dry Xbone lineup? Keep up the rationalising, it just makes my laughing harder.

  • Whatever

    LMAO Dry Shit, Timmy Dimmy and Assangel trying to deflect from the fact the Scorpio emoji has been tainted by Xbox fanboys and their personality disorders. Funny watching you drones talk about NMS more than your won shit games. No wonder they’re fleeing on PC. Well, that and screaming over the absolute turd that is Titanfall 2. Time to be mature and accept the fact that the scrub enabling botfest was always a stinker and it wasn’t “dumbed down.” I’ll tell you, killing those crap bots was an underwhelming as I thought it’d be.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit the fake journalist doesn’t realise that a 60-80% in the second week in the UK is normal. LOL!

    It’s OK, Dry Shit, we already know you’re scared of the $249 slim PS4 cleaning up this holiday while MS throws in four games with its cheesegrater and begs people to buy it. “Bu bu but muh HDR which will be used by four games!!!” “Bu bu but muh upscaler which TVs already do!!!” Shame about the no games though, eh?

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, scrambling for excuses. It’s the same LED that has virtually no impact on the battery. Maybe MS should hike up XBL’s cost like it did a few years back while providing no improvements, it might start getting less downtime than PSN again.

    Congratulations Team Shitbox on finally getting your cheesegrater out in your strongest (and only) market. Maybe in a year Phil will have cobbled together another excuse for a strategy after the current one flops again.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit the fake journalist being called out? What a surprise. At least you have Now to provide you with some games to play after nine months of nothing. Of course, it’s only rental streaming and not completely losing your entire first-party catalogue because you shit-eaters don’t play games. Gonna be hilarious when The Witness sells more than ShitCore!

    Oh look, another shit month for Turds with Gold which you’ll try and claim is any good because there’s a last-gen game that was on Plus years ago.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, still crying about NMS while trying to talk up a shit GwG month. Such is life for the Xbone shill. Maybe try promoting that laughable article talking up that cheesegrater with no games.

    Guidance sessions for developers? Maybe they should try putting out some games before giving guidance. Is Elite Dangerous still unfinished trash?

  • Whatever

    You know things are bad when your Xbox fanboy blog is making news posts about non-Xbox games. It’s been a tough gen with no games for you though. Poor Dry Shit, it’s a shame Titanfall 2 sucks hairy arse. Nice that everyone else is coming to the same conclusion non-Xbox idiots came to three years ago though.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, still banging on about Elite Dangerous. Maybe the magic update is something that will make it good! Or maybe it’ll be something that gives Shitbox fanboys some common sense? At least the former has some likelihood. Keep begging for NMS, it might give you something to do other than trying to call the usual refund procedures as something special – you never were any good as a journalist, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Shitbox Done: Dickheads Await.

    For the twats who kiss Uncle Phil’s ass after all the disappointment!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, still scared of the Neo and its impending stranglehold on the market for the next year while the Xbone continues to be shit. Xbone S barely out for a month and retailers are already slashing the price and including eight games to stimulate demand. What a fucking failure.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, Dry Shit scared of another PS4 exclusive getting polish whereas MS shit out another soulless Forza game no one cares about. Let’s not even talk about all those Shitbox “exclusives” delayed and cancelled as well. Remember that killer 2016 lineup? Now that’s what I call elusive.

  • Whatever

    Oh dear, Scumberg trying to talk up the latest Inafune turd. That’s concerning. Not as concerning as the COD of racers coming along to bore the rest of the world again, so much so they’re chucking in Halo shit to try and draw in a captive audience. What a shit brand.

  • Whatever

    “But the marketing deal!!!” Titanfall 2 was a disaster and it looks like BF1 isn’t the saviour you wanted it to be. Never mind, there’s always COD, right?

    Look at you, begging and hoping for PS4 delays. Would make you feel better after those massive Xbone delays this year.

  • Whatever

    Wow, ReCore sure looks like fried ass. It’ll probably get decent scores because it’s only $40, Inafune’s been pretty hands off and, let’s be honest, reviewers will feel sorry for you for having fuck all to play this past year.

  • Whatever

    Wow, Dry Shit, a game that got delayed having its digital pre-orders cancelled. Struggling for news, eh? Try marketing that ReCore turd, MS isn’t doing it. Thankfully there’s scum like you and Tim Dog for that job.

  • Whatever

    I can sense your fear over tomorrow, Dry Shit. Not to worry! A NES emulator might show up soon so you’ll finally have something to play! Might take your mind off trying to downplay VR constantly, crying about your dogshit Ayyylmaolite controller, whining about BF1 looking like trash on the Shitbox Done and spreading FUD about the PS4 slim’s cooling.

  • Whatever

    Gonna be funny watching you beg folk not to get a Neo while you struggle through the grinding wait for the disappointing Shitpio, Dry Shit. Poor lad. You can take your mind off by crying about a third party controller while ignoring your precious Clubs, which are an actual rip-off of PS4 Communities!

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit the Xtwat getting rattled over the PS4 Pro’s 1800p and checkerboard rendering producing a near-indistinct image from 4K. Funny how you cry about “triggering” and “safe spaces” which is what your little website engineers. Disappointing? Xbox fanboys like the idiots on your little blog can indulge in the delusion that the Shitpio’s lack of exclusives and 30fps low textures will “bring success” at some indeterminate point in the future. The Shitbox will continue to be an abject failure. No wonder the losers at Shitbox Mad are so rattled they have to join scum like Greenberg and Ybarra in pleading people to not buy it. $399 is going to sink you fuckers. No wonder you aren’t bringing it up. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, has to talk up a poorly-translated Shittaku article (I thought they were horrible SJWs, what happened?) and crap Xbone mod support. 2GBs? Pathetic. You should be playing it on PC anyway, like all those shit poorly-optimised Xbone games! You’d be an expert in damage control by now, like with the Pro doing 4K games. “Bu bu but they don’t count because they’re PS3 games!!!” How do you think Forza does 1080p 60fps, dipshit? πŸ™‚

    Gonna have to delete your Pro patch article now, Dry Shit, once again you messed up to try and shill for MS and got left looking like a moron. Again.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, begging people to wait a year for 30fps and low textures Shitpio. The desperation is going to get worse and worse. 2016 the year of Shitbox just like 2015 and 2014 was supposed to be? Stay fucked.

    Wow, that retard Zaire fell for another fake. Not surprising, he has a record of being a total dipshit. In many ways he’s the perfect representative of the Shitbox fanbase.

  • Whatever

    Well, well, well, Dry Shit. ReCore is a stinker. First game after the nine month drought, too. Just as well TLG got moved out of mad October so the bugs could be finished off. I’m sure you’ll gloat about that as you go into the season of delayed games. A quarter sucked, I sure hope the others don’t blow chunks. Poor Dry Shit, still damage controlling HDR and still damage controlling a year’s lead for Pro. Watching you vermin go from eurphoric to worried in 48 hours has been a joy.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit struggling to deal with the continuing success of a PS4, another great press conference and now the miserable failure that is ReCore. Funny how your sad, shit website gave it its highest score, and only Shitbox fanboy dumps did similarly. Just wait for the third patch, right? Take your mind off the failure with photo mode bullshots yet another dead, empty open world racer.

  • Whatever

    So the PS4 version of The Witness has double the frame rate, huh? Bu bu but I thought the PS4 couldn’t do 60fps? I thought the difference between 900p and 1080p was insignificant? Never mind, Dry Shit. Maybe you should write an article about MS increasing the content of that Gears 4 season pass. Looks like take-up isn’t too hot. Maybe you should addess the Shitbox Done’s lack of exclusives and constant delays. Oh wait, that would require a degree of self-awareness from you fuckers. No wonder all you losers have is the same old rehashes after nine painful months of waiting. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Oh dear, Dry Shit, the NPD numbers for August 2016 are out and it’s not pretty: just 270,000 for that irresistable 4K blu-ray player. Madden flopped on the Bone as well. That’s a shame. Maybe you could beg MS to hire some of those ex-SCE staff from their winding down project? It’s not like MS is making much right now other than that Hololens shit. AR isn’t the future, no matter how much you say it is because MS told you to.

  • Whatever

    Announcing previews of another rehash because you’ve already forgotten about the demo of the other rehash. Fabulous. Only 270,000 for the Xbone S’ debut month? Spectacularly terrible, Dry Shit. Maybe you can wank off to Slugberg in a Onesie as compensation. Might knock you out of that derangement that the PS3 wasn’t ripped apart by the media.

  • Whatever

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH holy fuck, Dry Shit, you do say some dumb crap but the idea of ReTard being as big as Tomb Raider? I know you fuckers are delusional but WOW!

  • Whatever

    Looks like Gears of Bore 4 is all set to be the rehash we all knew it was, Dry Shit. Still, that’s what MS does so well. Rehash shit at the end of the year for you retards to eat up over and over again. They may as well not bother with new IP after ReTard flopped. Your ass really is roasted that got rightly flayed, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    What a surprise, Dry Shit, another safe, boring Forza game gets 9s. MS should just stick to churning out Halo/Forza/Gears over and over. At this point that’s all its garbage studios are capable of doing. Only just now playing Bioshock? Thanks for confirming your shit taste.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, utterly shattered by an honest review of another soulless, worthless open world racer that’ll inevitably flop. Keep churning out the rehashes, Microshit, maybe one day someone will care. You know things are bad when dipshit Xbox fanboys are begging for Shitza bundles. Funny watching that disgusting leech Penello crawl out from under his rock and dangle a slither of hope. Shitpio is $599. Deal with it.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit doing his very bestest. Outside of your precious photo mode, Snoreza Horizon 3 looks like ass. No wonder they set it in Australia – all that empty desert with nothing to render. Funny watching you downplay the PC version which is going to look better, and undoubtedly sell better too. Poor Dry Shit – Xtwats just don’t play games. You do, however, post photos of load screens. You don’t talk about that shit October GWG lineup either – why is that? πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, it’s not even out and FH3 is already completely forgotten. Flop inbound. Combine that with the PC version being gimped to make the Shitbox version look better and we’ve got another MS debacle on our hands. Good job, Microshit. Don’t have a Metacritic account by the way, but it’s good to know the folk who laugh at Shitbox scum live rentfree in your mind. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Wow, Dry Shit, looks like another MS game is a disaster on PC. Poor Shitza, already forgotten before release and now the few dumb enough to spend top dollar for early access on PC got screwed. Combine with the PC version being gimped to look like the crap Xbone version and that new committment to PC gaming is going just swimmingly. Combine with that tons of positive impressions for PSVR and Pro from EGX and it looks like the Xtwats are getting fucked yet again. πŸ™‚

    Post some more articles about emulators, at least those give you something to do on that dust collector. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    What’s up, Dry Shit, not gonna pay top dollar for those incredible rehashes? Gotta show support to those shit devs, after all, right, Dry Shit?

    ReCore continues to flop in the UK and PS4 continues to dominate. Bu bu but Pro and Slim are disasters!

  • Whatever

    Struggling to find middling news to spin today, Dry Shit? Oh wait, no, there it is: an opt-in marketing survey. 15 whole minutes! Wow! So much for those games. Wonder how much of that time is spent shouting at Kinect or ordering pizza.

  • Whatever

    And look at that, Dry Shit, the Shitbox Done S is already sinking. So much for that free game promotion. Worth nothing that a lot of those PSN cards are made by non-Americans with US PSN accounts. All that easy money while MS shits out consoles no one wants. Maybe try and shill those shit textures and awful optimisation for the PC version of your rehash or that shit new IP because you have no games?

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. Whatza? “I-it’s a slow burn!!!” No, it’s merely that no one gives a shit. KOTOR remake rumours – like Joe Montana Football? Remember that? All you fuckers have is rumours.

    Try some dodgy statistics which even you managed to screw up for the Shitbox Done still lagging behind hard in the UK instead. Shitbox Done must have been dead as ditchwater the week before. Lagging behind on Amazon US as well. Never mind all those massive deals with the Shitbone S already, eh? What a flop. At least it had one good win for one week at some point.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, back to downplaying PSVR after he realized his precious Shitbone S jump is a fizzer that won’t last long, like every other jump. $599 is reasonably priced now, is it, Dry Shit? That’s disregarding consoles like the 3DO that were sold for $999. Phil spinning a massive failure ahead of time! And now MS, in another fit of desperation, has to throw in a free game to try and get a worthless PR month win that’ll be neutralised in a week in Japan. Making a fat loss to make you feel better. I love it. Cling to that thousand per cent increase on fuck all so that fat cunt Slugberg can lie to you more. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    LMAO, weeks out and Dry Shit is already playing down and damage controlling PSVR. Meanwhile no one’s talking about Shitza or Gears of Shit. Xbone, the eternal blunder. Speaking of Gears of Shit, those downgrades! What a shit console.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. Only third best-selling Forza for Horizon 3 despite all that “best racer ever” bullshit, and a mere 12% increase over H2 despite that really important 1000% sales increase the previous week. What’s that? FIFA selling better on the PS4 this year? Again? Really? Combine that with Shitbox games down hard over last week and that’s another flop from Microshit. Looks like Gears Snore is next. No one’s buying that season pass.

  • Whatever

    “Did the Shitbox Done S kill the Slim???” Looking at Amazon’s October rankings, no. What has been killed is the Shitbox Done S’ laughable HDR compared to its utilisation on the PS4. Xbox fanboys once again got buttfucked hard. Cling to your minor hold on the Mexican market as compensation. We all know how important that is. LOL!

    Delayed exclusives list – like all those worthless “Xbone” shit next year? Remember how most of that line up was meant to be out this year? Remember that? Dickhead.

  • Whatever

    What a shame, Dry Shit, PSVR getting great reviews right now. Meanwhile Uncle Phil cucks you our of your exclusives (which flop) and you beg him endlessly for the same tech you downplay. When will you ever catch a break, Dry Shit?

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, all that hype and your precious Gears is another flop, just an excuse to extract more microtransactions from its dipshit fanbase. I’m sure you’ll be coughing up like a good little Xtwat, you’ve had nothing else to do this year but make excuses for a dead console. “Bu bu but it might go up!!!” Funny how this is your only hope these days. Gotta do something along with project your total lack of games this year.

  • Whatever

    Once again, Dry Shit, Xtwats have made monumental arseholes of themselves by crying about review scores for mediocre shit, spurred on by that cunt Spencer poking the hornet’s nest. Make yourself feel better by spreading more of your worthless opinion on that fanboy blog you call a website. Mixed? Mostly positive, Dry Shit. You lie to yourself all you want. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. Not only does he have to damage control PS4 cleaning up in the UK, he has to damage control the Shitbox Done’s awful looking “exclusives” so they can barely get it to 4K in a year. Gears 4 looks worse than a last gen remaster – can’t wait to see the downgrades for all the shit games they were supposed to release this year.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, Dry Shit, another cuckfest with all the scum attending. What would be good for the fans is if Uncle Phil stopped treating you like second-class shit. Oh, your nose is permanently blocked. That’s why you can’t smell your own shit.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, another honest review takes your mediocre rehash down a notch leaving Dragon Quest Builders the undisputed king of October exclusives. That’s really gotta sting your little asshole, hasn’t it?

  • Whatever

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dry Shit crying about MS’ failed mobiles jaunt. You’ll be crying about their failed games division next. No amount of bullshit Xbox Mad opinion articles will salve that butthurt.

  • Whatever

    Uh oh, Dry Shit, most reviews of PSVR hardware and software is positive. What are you going to do now? Deflect by crying about DQB’s metascore being competitive with your GOTY contender that everyone’s forgotten about already? Funny that those mediocre graphics are so mind-blowing. Really puts the low standards you’ve been suffering with into context.

  • Whatever

    PSVR getting massive positive reception from everyone and there you Xtwats are, seething away because everyone’s forgotten about Gears 4 and its busted servers already. My heart bleeds for you, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, after all the great feedback on PSVR and all the downplaying he’s had to do, all he has to fall back on is another bare Shitbox “win” caused by massive bundling in the last week. Fucking pathetic, just like the shit movie player you shill for. Good job there’s Shitbox Mad to push a bullshit narrative that’ll really fuck you up in November! Kiss Madan’s ass harder! Gonna be funny as all hell when Pro wipes out those pathetic “wins” and leaves you scrambling for excuses. “Bu bu but Shitpio!”

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, after doing his little momentum act, turns out the PS4 sold more last month than the Xbone did in the S’ big debut month and the gap was so small as to be neutralised by Japan in half the time. What’s that? The Pro will wipe you out anyway? What a shame. Try downplaying VR like a little bitch some more.

    You actually think Shitpio made the Shitbox Done any less of a joke? You actually think the only reason the Shitbox Done is a failure is because it’s less powerful? You’re a fucking idiot, Dreyer. The entire Shitbox ghetto is.

  • Whatever

    Wow, Dry Shit, an estimated 600,000 for the greatest racing game of all time everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Pretty crap tbh. Well done ditching Windows Phone, won’t be long before you do the same for Shitbox.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, to compound the Xbone’s failure Gears 4 did less that 100k in the UK. What happened to that comeback, Dry Shit? That 1000% increase? Another failure for you losers.

  • Whatever

    Back to begging Uncle Phil for VR on the Shitpio, Dry Shit. Gonna be fucking funny when RDR2 doesn’t hit 4K on your precious Shitpio unless they downgrade it like your shit exclusives. No article about your precious Phil not knowing the difference between Shitpio and Pro and wanking on about “balance?” You’re a joke. Get to begging Uncle Phil for marketing rights so you can hawk the next worthless Shitbox brick.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, new RDR is announced the first thing Xtwats do is beg for the marketing deal and hope it might hit 4K on the Shitpio in a year. A bit less sad than getting excited over a bug, though. Just more proof that Xtwats need to be ejected from this hobby.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, so desperate for anything to cry about he needs to focus on a BF1 glitch that also shows up on the Shitbox Done. Try crying about MS lying once again in yet another shitty advert because they need something – anything – to sell that worthless piece of shit.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, the Pro and Switch has come to hoover up the market while Slugberg begs people to wait for the gameless Shitpio and you do your amateur, delusional “analysis” for your shit fanboy blog that’s the laughing stock of the Internet, just like its intended audience. Though I wonder about your actual feelings considering your propensity to retweet that loathsome leech Moochie. Funny watching you downplay the Switch then try and claim people will ditch the Pro for it and back again in the space of minutes. Xwats can’t be Xtwats without thick layers of cognitive dissonance.

    You should wait an opinion piece about Shitbox’s declining revenues and active users, or maybe about how well the PS4 Pro’s pre-orders are doing. Oh wait, those realities would trigger you.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit and the Xtwat vermin are buttmad because the PS4 Pro and SIE’s engineers run rings around the retards at MS who can’t even make a decent movie player. Sad! Thanks for admitting you’re just another emotionally maladjusted prick though, it’s refreshing honesty from a desperate Xtwat. Rattled as fuck over the Pro while the Shitpio is a year away and has no games. LOL!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, so utterly driven to madness by the Pro’s pre-order success and the wet flop that’s been the Shitbone S he has to shitpost on his shit blog to reaffirm his own sad bullshit. Don’t worry, MS has an event in a few days that’ll disappoint you even more!

  • Whatever

    48 hours later and Dry Shit is still crying bitch tears over the Pro. Is that shit lineup not giving you any enjoyment? Figures. “Pure uncompromising power” Gonna be real fucking funny when all those games fail to hit 4K on the Shitpio, and all those uncompromises that crap-looking Shitbox “exclusives” had to make.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit’s ongoing meltdown over the impending arrival of the Pro and the failure of that Shitbox comeback to occur continues to make him look like sad twat. Even more desperate is his hope that MS keeps talking about his Shitpio CGI render. Interesting that the Titanfall devs have confirmed the Shitpio won’t do 4K on AAA games either.

    Try producing some evidence for your bullshit in future. Oh wait, you can’t. Because all you have is bullshit strawmen. Go beg that cocksucker Ybarra for a crumb instead, dickhead.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, having to talk about brief PSN downtime which is still less than Shitbox Dead’s issues. Make yourself feel better with gimped modding and more of Uncle Phil’s pleading for people to wait for Shitpio!


  • Whatever

    Wow, that event sure was a load of shit, wasn’t it? A $3000 laptop you have to shill for, Beam shit (which no one uses), patches for that shit movie player of yours. Why did you hype that up again? Oh wait, I forgot, you have nothing else to hype. What happened to that event Uncle Phil promised you? Another lie? Figures.

    Oh wait, you can shill for those shit VR headsets instead. Microsoft, always late and always half-assing it. πŸ˜€

    “I’d pay a premum to suck Panos’ overrated dick!!!” We know, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, a double whammy of awful news that rocks his fragile world view to the core. First: the shocking revelation that despite all his crying and screaming about “beast fire” a proper 4K console across the board requires 8TFs of power, as everyone who isn’t an Xbox retard understood. Secondly, despite his frankly pathetic comeback narrative, Sony still shipped a million PS4s a month last quarter. Three years later and STILL going gangbusters! No wonder you’re more frustrated than ever, Dry Shit. No wonder you have to spin another quarterly profit, Dry Shit. Meanwhile MS shits out another overpriced Surface turd no one wants and produces no games for the Shitbox Done.

    Time for Uncle Phil to stop stringing you retards along and admit there is no VR plan. Alternatively, you can dig your head in the sand and retweet that Shitbox drone Jeremy.

  • Whatever

    Yes, Dry Shit, maybe one day you will actually be able to play some games. Unfortunately that will require you owning something other than a Shitbox Done. Great to see the fantastic Pro reviews have made you wet yourself to the point where that idiotic neckbeard Jez Corden has to somehow connect Project Helix to MS Studios games’ awful texture and fidelity so it can run 4K on the Shitpio. Shame PC versions are going to be gimped as a consequence of needing to hit that PR milestone when most new games won’t manage it. Once again, Shittersoft just doesn’t get it. Maybe try claiming that EA Abscess ripoff still isn’t a con. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Hey Dry Shit! Look at you retards, begging for another marketing deal you probably won’t get. Fucking idiots. Would have been pretty sad for the Shitbox Done to lose Gears month, Dry Shit. Do you hear that rumbling? That’s the Pro coming to blow your little mind. Better get ready for the reaming you’re about to get. Maybe Phil Spencer will stitch it up if there’s a Cuck Fest in South Africa you can go to.

  • Whatever

    Look at this desperate narrative shifting you’re trying to do, Dry Shit. Great performance improvements in every game on the Pro, it’s selling gangbusters and you dream up a Shitbox Done comeback for the sixteenth time because some literally who is crying because he didn’t get one. Sad!

    Use the time to beg for Nier Automata, you could use a game to play!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. Despite all that desperate shitposting you had to do last fortnight, the Pro is dominating Amazon, dominating Gamestop, dominating Best Buy, dominating the UK in sales and revenue while MS has to slash the price of the Shitbox Done over and over to make the old SKUs no one wants leave warehouses. The Shitbox Done is on life support. Enjoy the wait. πŸ™‚

    Funny how your little NPDs aren’t going to matter soon. Not like they’ve ever mattered when they’re shipping 3.9 million PS4s a quarter and the Shitbox Done is barely selling at the level the PS4 does during quiet months in the US!

  • Whatever

    15 years of cancerous dogshit, Dry Shit. Now early access to pre-ordered “ultimate” editions is the latest load of crap being pioneered by MS. Thank you so much. Here’s to another 15.

    Be mad that the Pro gives tangible performance improvements on games even where the frame rate is a bit hokey because the devs decided on better res.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, can’t cook up delusions about the Pro’s sales now. Dry Shit the good little voluntary shill gets fucked over by the company he shills for. Delicious! You’re used to waiting by now anyway. Your precious Shitpio is going to be a wallet-buster that looks like a heater again and has no exclusives.

    Here’s to 15 years of cancerous dogshit pioneered by Microsoft. Thank you so much!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, NPD confirms the obvious and tells us Gears 4 has flopped. Remember when it would hit number one on one console alone? Those days are gone, friend.

  • Whatever

    What “surge in neutrality,” Dry Shit? Shitbox Done is the laughing stock it’s always been.

    No surprise you’re extra bitter today with the Beast Fire backtracking, PSVR reception, Pro dominating and the snubbing of shit Xbone games at the TGAs and GJAs. It’s almost as though your precious lineup is shit!

  • Whatever

    Oh dear, Dry Shit! Gears 4 flopped in October in the US. Combine that with a 20% hardware drop YOY on the Shitbox Done’s gap being less than the gap when the PS4 dominates in quiet months, we can safely write this “comeback” off as another dud. What a shame!

    Maybe you can spin it like you did with “around 100,000,” Dry Shit. It’s 94,000 and it’s a drop from September. Sad!

  • Whatever

    Welp, Dry Shit, there goes Snap mode. Remember when you fuckboys used to use that as a tickbox for the Shitbox Done? How we all laughed and laughed!

    Watching MS try and simultaneously pretend the Shitpio is a new console while downplaying 4K is amazing.

    Poor Dry Shit, you lost Black Friday hard in the UK, then you lost Cyber Monday (which is bigger than BF now), then you probably lost BF total and more than likely lost the whole of November. Hope you got your excuses ready! Or maybe you’ll just clam up like every other Xtwat when you’ve been shown to be utterly, miserably wrong.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. Turns out that PS4 dominated the Shitbox Done on Black Friday and then MS “exclusives” were once again the laughing stock of TGAs, with Fat Aaron only showing up to pick up the consolation prize of “only racing game of the year.” Amazing! Nintendo winning most anticipated game from a shortlist dominated by them and Sony was fitting though. If only Shitbox Done had any games worth caring about. Whose fucking idea was it to have a cinematic trailer for an RTS? Why? That Death Stranding trailer was red hot though! Such a shame you Shitbox retards don’t get to join in on the fun though. Maybe if you’d begged Phil Spencer harder to employ him.

  • Whatever

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Dry Shit has reached peak bitterness! Knack gets a sequel but your worthless shit don’t! And now all you can do is beg to Uncle Phil about it like a fucking loser! Oh, what a wonderful day. You can’t even downplay it like you did the last few PlayStation conferences. Cling to your holiday, shit for brains! Hahahahahahahahaha!

  • Whatever

    Hahahahahaha, Dry Shit is still bitter and angry! Maybe beg that cunt Phil for a few more crumbs you can eagerly hoover up because you have nothing.

  • Whatever

    IT JUST GETS WORSE, DRY SHIT! The Last Guardian is not only good, it’s BTFO Dud Rising 4! Not surprising considering how soulless it is, focus tested to death. Typical Shitbox Done game. It’s no wonder no one gives a shit about that brand anymore. “Unoptimized broken game” is better than another overhyped holiday lineup, HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Keep the tears coming, Dry Shit, I want to see more into the new year and beyond!

    Most anticipated games are multiplats and another rehashed shitty Forza. What a fucking disaster. Maybe you fuckboys can hype up a frame rate bug that gets fixed when it’s restarted to console yourselves!

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit really cranking up that bitterness! It’s been a bad week for you twats. Actually it’s been a bad year, but the week has made it such that you can’t deny it anymore. Poor little Xtwat!

    Another dogshit opinion from Dry Shit. That thin clawed back market share in the UK over two months got destroyed in a weekend and another “killer holiday lineup” is a bust. Meanwhile in the US Shitbox Done Ass is barely selling like the PS4 does in quieter months. It’s utterly pathetic watching scum like you try and claim a “comeback” for the 12th time.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, your meltdown is nearly complete after a horror week for someone who’s seen his comeback narrative slowly fall apart. By the way, no one gives a fuck about Elite Dangerous. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Oh, poor Dry Shit, international laughing stock. Your buttblastedness over the Shitbox Done’s failures shouldn’t have clouded your judgement, retard. Now you’re whining about non-existent “neutrals” because you need to feed into your victim complex. Stupid little Xtwat. TLG is a good game and ReCore is forgettable mediocrity. In the former’s case, the tech issues were occasional and could be looked over. In the latter’s, it just made a shit game even worse. Your red ass is exposed to the world and you can’t even attempt to defend yourself, you sad piece of shit.

    PS4 has an attach rate of 7, same as the Wii and PS2 in their respective life cycles. You’re upset Shitbox games flop though. It’s understandable.

  • Whatever

    24 hours later and Dry Shit and his cocksucking cohort Assangel Shitsucks is still crying because ReCore is a turd. Oh look, Dead Rising 4 just dropped from a green square to a yellow, that’ll trigger you even more. Keep crying, you little bitch, watching you fall apart after an awful week to cap off an awful year has been wonderful.

    No, Dry Shit, you don’t know how much either console sold last month. Stop lying to prop up the dead Shitbox Done. But keep telling yourself what you need to so you don’t end yourself out of despair.

  • Whatever

    No, Dry Shit, I’m afraid you’ll have to do better than that neckbearded slug Jizz Corden if you want to try and downplay the PS4 in November. Sad thing is, in doing so, he had to drag the Shitbox Done through the mud as well. We all know Shitbox scum like to cut their noses to spite their faces.

    Good job misrepresenting another dev’s words. Sadly for you games won’t be built around the Shitpio. We’re going to be held hostage by the Shitbox Done for a few more years.

    Beg for that dogshit Ryse IP some more, dickhead.

  • Whatever

    Shame for you that TLG, released on a Friday, is breathing down your shitty little DR4 released on a Tuesday. Combine that with TLG being the best-selling Ueda game yet and your hell year is still getting worse! Dud Rising 4, lowest common denominator shite with all the challenge stripped out managed just fifth place with a full week. Pathetic!

    Poor Dry Shit, it’s been a horror week for your sad little fanboy blog, hasn’t it? All that shrillness in your most recent pathetic little article about the Shitpio was delicious! No concern about all the downplaying Uncle Phil’s been doing recently? No issues about the meltdown certain Shitbox drones have been suffering over the Shitbox’s total lack of games? LOL! Try hyping up that dogshit Ryse game so you can keep begging for a sequel. It was shit three years ago and it’s still shit!

    When you talk shit (which is always), don’t be surprised when you get called out on it.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, after a failed attempt to spin DR4 barely selling more units than TLG with three more days in the UK and making less revenue, you’re left to hawking some ugly retard’s shit CGI Shitpio rendering. Well when your games are shit, I guess you need something to do. Must be all that latent panic recently, what with Andrew Kim leaving and PSX destroying the Shitbox’s lineup and Uncle Phil backing off on his promises.

    Dry Shit crying about “fake news.” My sides are in orbit. I can see the comparisons between Xtwats and Hillary supporters though.

    Now you can beg Shittersoft for Porsche cars in the next recycled Shitza.

  • Whatever

    Pretty sad indictment of the Shitbox Done’s sad lineup when BC usage has gone from 5% on the 360 to 50% on the Xbone and most of it is XBLA trash. Maybe if it actually had some games like the PS4 does people wouldn’t need to be playing their old COD games. Never mind, maybe if you beg that prick Ybarra for some gimmicks you might get better use out of your brick.

    It’s OK, Dry Shit, you can keep telling yourself your $499 no exclusives joke will be worth caring about in a year when this gen’s all but done. Shame about New Horizons and yet another worthless tease for retards like you, better luck next year. Dipshit.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, resorting to more teases by disgusting Shitbox execs in lieu of any actual news. Oh wait, there’s another 360 game you can play. Thank God for weak emulation, you have something to play now. It’s not like you’ve had much else to be optimistic about now the glut of four shit rehashes is through for another year.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, MS is forced into yet another embarrassing reversal. Unsurprising considering just how lacklustre that shit redesign is. “Bu bu but it has a movie player!!!” No one cares, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    No one cares about your piss weak emulation either other than desperate Shitbox scum with nothing else to play. It’ll be 75% this time next year. Sneak King in 4K is gonna be irresistable!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, just a year to go until the Shitpio lets you down! In the mean time you can emulate PSP games on your movie player.

    Dud Rising 4 far cheaper than TLG and it still drops as hard! So much for the “niche” game. Second week TLG’s made more money too. What’ll be the damage control on Xbox Mad this week?

    Oh well, at least you have log-in screen. You’ll always have that. MS can make adverts around it. Oh wait. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Oh look, Dry Shit, Uncle Phil’s been caught out again! The Division and FIFA ring a bell? Let’s not take into account games like Dead Rising 4. Good to see people call that bullshitter out. Fingers crossed 2017 is the year his house of cards finally falls.

    “Bu bu but the Shitpio version will be the PC version!!!” How cute, Dry Shit. Low settings inbound. It’s OK, $499 and still being a half-step will lock you in as a laughing stock forever. πŸ™‚

    There’ll be carving of Uncle Phil’s gurning face in your Shitpio. The first thousand units might have come with one of his turds in it. Pre-order now!

    Now he’s crying because Polanco is rightfully rinsing you morons. It’s always good when the good guys win. πŸ™‚

    Funny watching that Cupcake fuck get excited over a lame half-step upgrade when the backtracking’s been happening for a long time. Nothing else to get excited about on the Fuckbox, though.

  • Whatever

    Sensible for them to not guarantee Dreams or Detroit for 2017, Dry Shit, they might be like Shittersoft delaying or cancelling half their 2016 games into 2017. Probably won’t happen this year though, half your shit “list” for this year is delays and remasters.

    Great to see Mooch flushed down the toilet. Start the new year impotently mad as usual, stay cucked you little prick!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, he got so delusional he thinks anyone’s jealous of that sad sack of shit Mooch. He’s in the past tense now, thankfully. πŸ™‚

    Dry Shit’s damage control starts in earnest, crying and spluttering about more PS4 success like a child. UC4’s sales blows out anything on the Shitbox Done. 25 million Shitbox Dones sold and it looks like that shit holiday lineup couldn’t even do a million this time. Shitbox is dead.

    Nearly a year ago since the big 2016 lineup butchering for the Shitbox Done. Wonder if it’ll happen again? πŸ˜‰

    Six months out and you’re already crying about another substandard Shitbox E3 getting called out. Sad little bitch! Even when you think you’re “winning” you still cry like a bitch. Neck yourself. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Clubs? Another PS feature copied by the Shitbox that you love so much. Don’t forget to give credit.

    Funny watching you fuckers lose your mind off the most coincidental occurance. Reminds me of DX12. Let’s hope that ends in another crippling disappointment for you. πŸ™‚

    You write on a Shitbox website so you should be making opinion pieces about the Shitbox. In that case, dead exclusives is something that well applies. Shitbox Dones only get used to watch movies, hahaha! πŸ™‚

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH Your precious fucking Game Mode ended up being yet another fucking nothing. Spotting a pattern yet, Dreyer?

    LOL now Dry Shit is crying because his worthless PR numbers have been ripped to shreds and we’re all laughing at them. “Unique players” Hahahahahahaha! If only they could be upfront for once. Switch and Pro coming to whip your Saffer ass and make you cry bitch tears!

    So Spencer said that the difference would be noticeable, then says the difference won’t be that much. Which is it, Dry Shit? I love the backtracking.

    Speaking of backtracking, Dry Shit, Frankie “doesn’t remember what the slide says” but still tries to keep your peckers up anyway. Fucking pathetic how they’re getting their hype monkeys to tamper down and prop up the hype because the fix is in. They haven’t got a clue what they’re doing.

    No, Dry Shit, it’s not simply because they “ran better.” There are other, more important factors, but you’re too much of a salty upset fanboy to accept that.

  • Whatever

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Scalebound HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA cancelled HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Every yearly lineup butchered, just like everyone said so. Course, Xtwats stayed in denial until reality hit them like a freight train, again. No wonder that cunt O’Connor was told to hype up the Shitpio yesterday with this bombshell around the corner. Yes, I’m sure Kamiya might finish Scalebound in a well-catered environment, if Uncle Phil decides to not be a cunt and lets Platinum have the assets, and it sure as hell won’t be with MS and their supposedly deep pockets. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

    Funny watching you fuckers turn on Scalebound after three years of calling it a GOTY contender, proof of MS’ commitment to Japanese content, etc etc. “Bu bu but Neogaf!!!!!!” No wonder no one likes you cunts. Take responsbility for your own failure to buy your shit exclusives, Dry Shit!

    Four AAA games? What, console RTS Halo Wars 2? F2P MMO Sea of Thieves? Rehash Forza? AAA? Fucking hell.

    In 2016 Microsoft launched fucking nothing until August. Sony released games throughout the year. Oh yeah, shovelled out Dead Rising 4 with the ending DLC totally vindicates your shit dead console, Dry Shit!

    Another bad start to another year. Keep up the damage control, you laughing stock Saffer!

  • Whatever

    More damage control from Asher and Dreyer’s sad little blog. Just accept that MS is shrinking the Shitbox brand into the few franchises it has and some attempts to emulate the Destiny model in the form of Sea of Thieves (which sounds dull as fuck from the new details. Co-op digging? Please).

    Just accept your shit games are failures, Dry Shit. It’ll make the constant crushing disappointment you experience less painful.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, so desperate for good news you’re begging Uncle Phil for a teaser for your shit little upgrade

    Dry Shit butthurt that Mario is beloved be generations while Captain King’s Adventures In Space is worn-out pablum. Must be tough being a Shitbox drone, having to simultaneously downplay both Nintendo and Sony when they offer so much more than the turd you chew on.

    How does this sound, Dry Shit: PS4 has exclusives and power at a very accessible price. Don’t worry, I’m sure that beast fire Shitpio will do Gears 4 and its 360 textures at 4K when PC’s been doing it for a year.

    That prick Slugberg is a master at spinning bullshit. That fat fuck is so emblematic of the cancerous Shitbox brand he should keep going forever. You fuckers are so desperate for a silver lining!

  • Whatever

    We Happy Few, Dry Shit? That early access game you fuckers hyped up because it was the best looking game at that shit E3 of yours? Hahahahha!

    Uncle Phil talking up the battered remains of a shit lineup. Pathetic.

    Hahaha, -another- interface redesign? That’s, what, the fourth now? Suppose it keeps you ADHD morons happy.

    Poor little Dry Shit, Shitza and Gears of Bore thrown in with every Shitbox sale and you think that’s impressive. It’s barely a few thousand at this time of year as well. But hey, keep telling yourself Shitbox games sell while game after game after game gets cancelled.

    Great to see Swery survived Shittersoft’s touch of death. I hope Kamiya makes the same rebound.

  • Whatever

    You aren’t getting a Ryse sequel, Dry Shit. Sunset Overdrive sucked massive dicks too.

    Dry Shit trying to hype up that piss weak line up of delays and remasters! “Sea of Turds expected August/September” What happened to Q1, Dry Shit? Yet another delay? Another pre-September drought inbound? Of course. What a shit lineup!

    How much have they given away that tired old shit Furtzuh Horizon 3? Massive price cuts, massive bundling, even for lowest common denominator trash like that, and it’s still only 14 million copies over four games. Pathetic.

    Beam is a load of shite. More than happy for you fuckers to self-segregate yourself though. Twitch and Youtube will be free of your malignancy.

    Uncle Phil should just shit out Phantom Dust unfinished in May then patch it up until November. That’s how Shittersoft releases games, right? Especially that tentpole crap that absolutely has to be out on that date because there’s nothing else.

    “Contrary to rumors” AKA Shitbox fanboy desperation. Halo 6 was never going to be out this year considering development cycles and Shitpio “BC” wasn’t going to involve off-the-chip emulation. Pathetic.

    More desperate hope from that revolting Quatman parasite. Xtwats are such a cancer.

  • Whatever

    Bad news, Dry Shit: no one gives a fuck about Halo Wars 2. Being a console RTS was an uphill struggle, but also a Halo spinoff on a dead console sealed its fate. Oh well. RIP.

    Oh look, Jez “Crusty” Corden produced more fake NPD numbers. Funny how he only gets hardware numbers and not software so we can see games flop on the Shitbox Done. At least this time he waited a week before he made them up so he didn’t look so craven.

    Shitpio isn’t saving you, Dry Shit. Keep up the delusion though, it’ll make it even better when the reality hits you. In the meantime, write more shitty, panicked opinion articles. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    So now we know why Jez “Prick” Corden didn’t post any software numbers, Dry Shit: FFXV on the Shitbox Done got blown the fuck out and Dead Rising 4 dumbed down for the lowest common denominator achieved a mere 315k. Pathetic software numbers. Remember when that was so important? I remember! It’s not surprising you fuckers don’t buy or play games.

    Look at you fuckers, hyping up a podcast now. Being so desperate, you have to hype up a -podcast-. LMAO!

  • Whatever

    What’s the resolution and framerate of Nioh on the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit? Another GOTY contender you can’t play on the Shitbox Done. That’s been a recurring theme this gen. I’m sure more MP grinding shit to make you pay the online fee will soothe that burn.

    Dry_Shit damage control! GR2 was available for two days and sold for Β£45. Shitza Horizon 3’s had price drop after price drop for its lowest common denominator shit. What happened to Dud Rising 4, huh? Why don’t Shitbox twats buy their “amazing” games? Owned!

    Shame about Tomb Raider, I suppose being a soulless, shitty sequel to a soulless, shitty reboot that got sold out to MS for a few months, it was expected to happen.

    Nice of MS to have a two controllers for one input feature so idiots like you can finish games.

    Slimy Mikey trying to talk up that convection heater? Always funny how shills will be working overtime this year as more and more people stop caring.

    Uncle Phil back to hyping up his IOUs in lieu of anything else. Funny how Xtwats aren’t talking about RE7, a real GOTY contender, even with that “Wait Anywhere” shite but they fucking adored that Division trash last year.

  • Whatever

    Shitbox Mad is at panic stations today! After some indie dev in MS’ pocket tries to go against when Shitbox executives have been saying for the last half-year you try and push that narrative, then just hours later Eurogamer comes out and confirms what we already know. Oh dear! May as well crawl to those dago fake insiders to make yourself feel better. πŸ™‚

    You’ll get “true 4K” in indies and a handful of those shit-looking MS games. That’s it. Then Uncle Phil and Slimy Mikey can claim they never lied while they zip their cocks back in after firing another lumpy load down your throat.

    Dunno how your Forza casuals are going to react to a proper racing game, Dry Shit. Might get too angry and go back to trying to make your fucking battlepacks work.

    No news about Filler Shitstink being dropped by EVO. Not surprising, it’s been a bad 24 hours for you.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit on damage control overtime! No, Eurogamer did not say the Shitpio would not do 4K. I imagine it will for indies, and those shit MS Studios games with the 360 textures. Most of them…won’t. It’s OK. It’s an upgrade, no matter what some clueless indie dev tells you, and that’s perfectly fine.

    By the way, there was no Horizon “downgrade.” Same builds, different stream qualities. You retards really are totally desperate, aren’t you? Things never get better for you.

    Try playing some games, Dry Shit. Oh wait, I forgot, you’re a Shitbox drone, you don’t have any.

  • Whatever

    Look at Dry Shit, all smug over his worthless last-gen crumbs. Fuck all else going for the Shitbox Done.

    No one gives a fuck about your worthless Surface, Dry Shit. Well well! Revenue down hard even though it was your “biggest December ever.” You can try and salve the pain with MAUs (Shitbox Done, Windows 10 and Phone log-ins once a month, wow, how stunning) and your “digital transactions” (i.e. overpriced card packs in Gears of Snore 4) but the fact of the matter is your movie player is a turd. Uh oh!

    Ace Combat 7 is another game all set to flop on the Shitbox Done. Oh wait, I forgot, you cocksuckers don’t play games, you just buy overpriced card packs and cry on Twitter like a child. This is why we hate you all, Dry Shit!

    Of course you’re part of the Timmy Dimmy Dipshit damage control force. It’s amazing how many of you gravitate around that obese middle-aged cocksucker.

  • Whatever

    Desperation intensifies! Fake leaks of the Shitpio everywhere and you try and weakly argue that the Shitpio is next gen when even Mahler figured out he was being a moron. Never mind.

    Not surprising that RE7 flopped on the Shitbox Done. And no, Wait Anywhere won’t be bailing out your sad numbers.

    Gotta love that bitter Xtwat frustation at the great write-ups Horizon is getting. I wonder if Scalebound will get as good reception? Oh. Wait. HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    “I think Switch will get a muted reception.” Nineteen hours later they’re increasing production to meet demand. Anything else you want to be wrong about, Dry Shit?

  • Whatever

    Wow, Dry Shit, Dud Rising 4 flopped hard. 700,000 in its first month! That’s much worse than a million for DR3 at launch. Again, I’ll ask the question: why don’t Xtwats buy their own games?

    Another barnstorming quarter for the PS4, demolishing the records set by the mighty PS2 over a decade ago. But hey, cling to that billion in digital transactions revenue while the Shitbox brand stagnates and shrivels up.

    LMAO talking about permanent price cuts while Dud Rising 4 and Shitza Snorizon 3 gets slash after slash to try and stimulate some kind of interest. Shame it doesn’t work.

    Can’t wait for your damage control on the Game Mode disaster. Worse performance across the board with it enabled. Can Shittersoft not fuck up anything?

    Resurgence? Why? Because two games got announced? Hardly. Goes to show just how dead the genre is. At least Shitza’s undeserved “crown” will finally get roundhouse kicked off its head.

  • Whatever

    Struggling for shitpost points again, Dry Shit? It’s OK, Halo Wars 2 is out in two weeks. Another shit game you fuckers won’t buy.

    Hey Dry Shit, remember how you cocksuckers shilled The Division because the fucking beta was exclusive for two days or some shit? Good times. Wildlands doesn’t get the same shill treatment, I see.

    So Crackhead 3’s meant to be out this year and they’re still writing the story? Oh dear.

    Dry Shit triggered by Boost Mode. Figures.

  • Whatever

    Oh, framerate doesn’t count now, Dry Shit? What a shocking turn of events. First games don’t count, then framerate, soon it’ll be power full stop. Love how the Shitpio doubt means you can’t go full retard in case you snap your neck from whiplash.

    Remember when you fuckers hyped The Division because the beta was exclusive? Embarrasing.

    You keep telling yourself anyone gives a fuck about the Shitpio and its no games and shit community, Dry Shit. People will be chomping at the bit at thought of playing Gears 63 at sparse rendered 4K with Asshole Madan. LMAO!

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit still triggered by Nioh and the two seconds it’s in 720p when alpha effects are in overdrive. A locked 60fps and looks far better than Halo 5 Hours. No wonder your anus is so ruptured.

    I wonder if Shitground will make something with soul now they aren’t contracted to rehash crap on Redmond’s orders. Would make a nice change.

    Gotta love watching you losers sperg out at CI Games. No wonder multiplats and developers are fleeing the Shitbox Done and its cancerous community.

    I’ll take nine months of games then three months of the big multiplats to your nine months of nothing then three months of crumbs, Dry Shit.

    Halo Wars 2 is going to be the year’s biggest flop, Dry Shit.

    At least you’re partially aware that you pioneer cancerous shit like early access on console, Dry Shit.

    Not surprised Ybarra and Choudry got promoted, seems you have to be a nasty cocksucker to get promoted at Shittersoft.

  • Whatever

    Gotta love how retards like you cling to your Shitbox fanboyism even though your PC has rendered it obsolete, Dry Shit. It’s very amusing.

    Poor Dry Shit, clinging to Xtwat shithole GamesBeat. No downtime for me for ages, but you dickheads need something to feel good about.

    You knew the budgets of TLG and GR2, I assume, Dry Shit? Oh wait, we established a long time ago you know north of fuck all. It’s OK, we know you need all the damage control you can from obscure websites no one’s heard of. Meanwhile Dud Rising 4 flops hard. Why don’t you retards buy games?

    Come on, Dry Shit, cry about Boost Mode for a fourth day in a row. I dare you.

    Xbone all set to get a bunch of dogshit years-old F2P mobile games. Finally, the drought is over. Xbox won.

  • Whatever

    “Instead of buying this movie player, you can buy this other movie player instead!!!” Yeah, but you’d have to be a retard. People buy games consoles to play games. Xbone don’t have any.

    Dry Shit triggered by Steam. No one gives a fuck about Windows 10 Store.

    Whenever a Shitbox cocksucker shows their “list,” remove 100% of the games that will flop because they won’t buy them.

    It’s the damage control for another weak NPD day! Considering how shit the Xbone was this time last year it wouldn’t take much for it to be up YOY. The fact the PS4 still dominated speaks volumes.

    Oh look, it’s the “sales rankings increase” bullshit from the Xtwats. Sales rank of 179th is still hilariously pathetic. Probably in the hundreds.

    Poor little Dry Shit, butthurt that Sony takes risks while MS pumps out microtransactions-ridden shit for idiots like you.

  • Whatever

    No one gives a fuck about your worthless little servers, Dry Shit.

    No, Dry Shit, no one’s talking about the PS5 in anything other than with regards to the Shitpio’s late appearance this gen to make a difference, though it wouldn’t surprise me that you think otherwise considering the bubble of delusion Xtwats live in.

    Looks like Dry Shit still hasn’t got it after four years of failure. Dominating the first nine months of the year then letting the big multiplats take the holiday is preferable to nine months of dust and empty promises from that cocksucker Phil then six weeks of rehashed shit that flops.

    I agree, CI Games shouldn’t have wasted their time on a Shitbox port considering you cocksuckers don’t buy games.

  • Whatever

    Yeah, I can imagine why you’re upset about Gabe’s consoles comments, Dry Shit, means all that bullshit about Steam and Shitbox teaming up was just that. Never mind.

    Nothing about Nioh’s success, Dry Shit? There’s a fucking surprise.

    “I was called brain dead by a store clerk.” He wasn’t wrong, Dry Shit.

    More made up PSN downtime, Dry Shit? You can talk about it along with your made up Shitbox Done games.

    They shit out a full-price Fuckza game every year and it took them this long to hit $1 billion? Fuckza Horizon 3 the only 90+ Shitbox Done game, bundled to hell and back and available on PC only hits 2.5 million in three months? Pathetic performance, Dry Shit, and only confirms how bad every other game flopped. “Spectacular success.” Low standards for Shitbox drones.

    Look at Dry Shit, begging Slugberg for a straw to cling to. “Bu bu but muh digital sales!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, still salty that Halo is washed-up shite. “Bu bu but they gave TLG a good review!!!!” Probably because it’s a good game, dickhead. Meanwhile ReCore and Dud Rising 4 shit the bed and Shitza Horizon 3 only hates 2.5 million despite being lowest common denominator shit bundled to hell and back.

    I can see why you’d be confused about a games console making noise, Dry Shit, you don’t use yours.

    Halo Wars 2 with 81. Same as the first turd. Shittersoft can’t even do an RTS well. At least CA is now free to make another Alien game instead of rehashing baby’s first FPS spinoffs.

    “Tragic?” Funny hilarious watching you call someone else tragic, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Look at the likes, Dry Shit!!!! Sparse rendering is something you’ll see more than often, though.

    Four months out and Shittersoft already announced their E3 date. Four. Months. Just goes to show how much of a write-off yet another first half of the year is on the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit.

    I thought you wanted it earlier, Dry Shit? Didn’t want howwible Sony changing their conferences, remember? Don’t worry, you’ll get the only 24 hours anyone will care about the Shitpio, then conferences from companies people actually care about will render you a joke again. Probably means you won’t be getting that Shitpio event you were begging for either. Never mind, you’ll have forgotten all about that embarrasing predicament, like you always do. Remember when you twats would predict PS E3s would be “mostly VR?” Mostly focussing on a half-assed upgrade will be A-OK though!

  • Whatever

    “Cornered,” Dry Shit? You fuckers were begging them to go after Sony for fucking YEARS and now they’re going even earlier, they’re “cornered?” Only thing this is increase the amount of time before Shittersoft gets humiliated again. Going on a Sunday before the main show starts and no one’s paying attention – awkward!

    Meanwhile Spencer and his goons look like used car salesmen. Probably why those Halo Wars 2 adverts had that setting, for the nostalgia value.

    Don’t get mad at Gamespot, Dry Shit, get mad at Shittersoft for fucking you up the ass. At least you aren’t blaming the developers for once.

    Are you behind on your retarded opinions quota, Dry Shit? First the retarded Shitbox E3 date thing, then the idea that a streaming service was any way comparable to that piece of shit emulation of a fifth of the 360’s library at worse performance.

    Uncle Phil saying you’ll still get “exclusives.” Embarrassing backtrack or outright lie? We’ll just have to wait and see, especially considering how much your shit games still keep flopping.

    More fanfiction from Dry Shit. “High-fidelity VR” got scrubbed out along with “highest quality pixels” so it’ll be fun to see your damage control over that.

    Big surprise, casual simcade Shitza means you couldn’t handle Project Cars. Stay on Shitza, just like you should stay on Shitbox Mad and stay on Beam.

    Cities Skyline? A three year old city sim? That’s your big sting? Enjoy those sloppy seconds, Dry Shit, hope it makes up for another dead first half of the year. Otherwise you can make a few more falseflag petitions.

  • Whatever

    “S-Shitbox will have an awesome lineup in 2014!” “S-Shitbox will have an awesome lineup in 2015!” “S-Shitbox will have an awesome lineup in 2016!” “S-Shitbox will have an awesome lineup in 2017!” And so on and so on, Dry Shit. You ever get the sneaking suspicion you’re being played, Dry Shit?

    Uncle Phil going to Japan on an embarrassing begging mission to make some publishers pretend to care about the dead Shitbox Done. Hey, maybe you’ll get a few mobile games out of it, Dry Shit.

    Shitpio’s gonna need to have games first, Dry Shit. “Xbone quality game in 4K.” Ouch!

    Shitbox Done barely clinging to life, wow, great job, Dry Shit must feel so vindicated.

    Dry Shit begging for more BC. The fact it took three years to port Phantom fucking Dust says it all. Who worked on it, the two interns?

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit bitter about Horizon’s great reviews, as expected. If you want someone to blame for the Shitbox Done’s bad library, blame Shittersoft, Dry Shit.

    “I-I’m being s-sarcastic!!!!” Don’t worry, Dry Shit, we already knew you were a sad spunk-slurping little shill.

    Great to see you scumbags running damage control over that Phantom Dust turd. Desperation abound!

    You know things are looking bad when you’re talking about a fucking interfact “optimised” for the Shitpio. A fucking interface!

    Shittersoft shat out several pieces of shit and they got ignored because they were shit, Dry Shit, you sad little Saffer.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, it’s not been a good 24 hours for you, has it? Horizon beasting, Nioh making more money in the UK despite Shitza Horizon 3’s constant panic price cuts, the realisation by everyone that the Shitpio alone isn’t going to save the moribund Shitbox brand. It’s no wonder your panic has become more obvious, Dry Shit.

    If only Shitbox wasn’t around, we wouldn’t have to put up with scum like you or LokoZillian or king liar Phil Spencer.

    You seen how well For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege have done, Dry Shit? People don’t care about dedicated servers, Dry Shit. If they did your precious Azure might have some uptake.

    Funny how with all that “sparse line-up” shit you misrepresented, the PS4 still had a fair better lineup than the Shitbox Done ever did.

    Shitbox scum crying because their dogshit lineup is getting called out for what it is. Superb. Better hope you get new IP at E3, you got fucking nothing last year.

    King liar Phil Spencer’s crap about “4K assets” are laughable when the 360 bullshit in Shitza Horizon 2 was “ultra” on PC.

    Xtwats just love mindless grinding. Lets them justify paying for that online fee.

    Dry Shit with his sad strawmen. No one spoiled the ending of Halo 5, not that anyone cares about that derivative shite.

  • Whatever

    People care about Crash, Dry Shit. No one gives a fuck about Halo. Thanks for showing that Shitbox games are an unwanted joke. Fire up those petitions, you’d better hope that A) some Twitter feed knows what it’s talking about and B) you scum are getting a port. πŸ™‚

    Hahahaha look at your impotent fury at truth bombs being dropped over the moribund Shitbox brand. Delicious!

    Kingdom Hearts is right there, Dry Shit. Where’s your dogshit exclusives? You’re the ones crying about supporting your worthless games. Empty words as usual. More of you fuckers will buy Crash!

    Watching Liar Phil got all a-flustered because he can’t get his story straight over the Shitpio is fantastic. Four months of constant spin before the inevitable disappointment will be glorious.

    “K-keep d-dropping those a-awesome g-games!!!!” What games, dickhead? The ones that haven’t been cancelled? Looks like you should be begging harder, Dry Shit, maybe write a few more damage control articles on Shitbox Mad.

  • Whatever

    More Zen lust. Imagine if it’s a custom Jaguar chip, Dry Shit. Imagine the tears.

    Dry Shit already panicking at the idea of another lame Shittersoft E3.

    Dry Shit thinks the soulless, focus-tested, dogshit racer designed to milk 10s from casual developers in a dead genre means anything. Sad!

    Hahahahahaha Dry Shit crying because the properly engineered checkerboarding technique on the PS4 Pro is getting the credit it deserves. Keep comparing it to that pathetic bruteforcing the Xbone had to do so we can laugh at you some more.

    Another shit GWG lineup. Evolve? Fucking really? You’d need to pay people to play that piece of shit.

  • Whatever

    Hahahahah, oh God, Dry Shit, could your little congratulations at Nioh be any more bitter? Really did fuck another one of your talking points up the ass.

    Oh wait, your posts about the retards in charge of 343i finally, finally, getting the hint and bringing co-op back. Can’t wait for the third straight fuck-up from those losers.

    LOL don’t even bother white knighting that fat fuck Quatman, especially after he got rinsed hard by N4G. What a fucking embarrassing human being.

    The PS4’s got games to talk up, Dry Shit. What does the Shitbox Done have? Edge couldn’t even be bothered reviewing Halo Wars 2. What a turd.

    Seen Blackwake, Dry Shit? It looks like Sea of Thieves but actually fun. Not only that, but it looks better than whatever the fuck Sea of Turds is trying to do. Seriously, how is it a Kickstarter-funded indie looks better and more fun than the flagship new IP of what was one of the most beloved studios in the industry with Microsoft’s resources at its disposal?

  • Whatever

    The Xbone’s most awarded game last year was an indie game. AGAIN. Remember when they didn’t count, Dry Shit? I remember.

    Don’t get mad at Ollie Barder for reading the writing on the wall, Dry Shit.

    It’s in-game currency, Dry Shit. It’s not like MS with their card packs in every single shitty fucking game they make. Great to see cheevo shit getting their integrity spoiled. I miss cheat codes.

  • Whatever

    Uh oh Dry Shit! Another bad week for Shitbox “software.” Shitlo Wars 2 couldn’t even shift a 72% drop for Ubi’s latest snoozefest and Shitza continues its rigor mortis with more price cuts and more artificially stimulated demand. Shitbox really is a corpse.

    No, Dry Shit, a few hundred pathetically emulated XBLA games from a decade ago does not magically give you games, nor does a flaky figure from that Charla cunt.

    Dry Shit downplaying the floor size. Half, you dipshit Saffer! H A L F! “Bu bu bu but it doesn’t mean anything!!!!” Yeah, I bet it doesn’t.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit begging for games from lying Phil AGAIN. Loser!

    Switch will always be better than the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit, shame about that.

    Funny how the Flop Anywhere announcement was from Shittersoft, isn’t it? Almost as though the publisher doesn’t actually care, Dry Shit. Imagine that.

  • Whatever

    Well, well, Dry Shit, another pathetic subscription service on top of a subscription service for you scumbags to spread your cheeks for because you think your cult leader loves you. Surprised it took Shittersoft this long to copy EA. Hey, they’ve finally given you something to spend your money on.

    No, Dry Shit, that list is video streaming. Not surprising you twats are watching TV on the TV box.

    Dry Shit so desperate he’s trying to compare announcements. How about you cocksuckers get a game and then you actually buy it, that would be a fucking novelty.

    First piss-weak emulation of decade-old XBLA shit, then renting games from 2015 for $120 a year. Yeah, Uncle Phil, go in dry! Thank you so much!

    Great to see Cancersoft continue to devalue games so they can try and gain greater control of it. Keep failing, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit still whining and crying about Digital Foundry, as usual. Classic.

    Dry Shit lashing out hard at Zelda’s excellent reviews. Poor little bitch. Maybe the Shitbox Done should start getting a few more games, more than the mediocre tat you cling to obsessively. Keep being bitter that your games fucking

    Oh dear, Dry Shit’s starting to get the point of the Shitpio. “Premium” not “powerful.” Held back by the Shitbox Done.

    “Wish in one hand and shit in the other,” Dry Shit? You’re used to that.

    Don’t be mad at yet another better month on PS+, Dry Shit. Don’t be mad that Tearaway is better than all your shit.

    XBLIG returning to Shitbox like another dose of the clap. You can’t win, can you, Dry Shit?

    “G-guys!!! Gold will be free soon!!!” Funny how you retards cling to that pipe dream.

  • Whatever

    I thought indies didn’t count, Dry Shit?

    Xbone U is a good name for the Shitpio!

    “L-leave Shitbox alone!!!!” Nah, fam.

    “Trolled.” That’s what you call gracious congratulations, Dry Shit? Looks like the general Shitbox floppage is wrecking your mind.

    Dry Shit and his victim complex is always hilarious. I’m sure they’ll give Shittersoft a pat on the head for shitting out the Shitpio. Even when they do, you’ll still find something to complain about, cunt.

    Switch will be a better console than the Shitbox Done. Hope that chaps your ass forever.

    “G-guys maybe the G-Gold requirement will be taken off!!!” Yeah, I’ve heard that before, Dry Shit.

    Phil “lying asshole” Spencer really does have the grin of a conman playing the long game, doesn’t it? He knows he’s got you dipshits by the balls.

  • Whatever

    More Switch envy from Dry Shit. Don’t be too transparent!

    “Shitty marketing Twitter feed tells beleaguered remains of local fanbase games are coming!” Fabulous, Dry Shit.

    Shitbox scum are so bitter over their lack of games they pimp their sad years-old mediocre rehashes. I can’t stop laughing, Dry Shit!

  • Whatever

    Well, look at that, Dry Shit, Horizon and Zelda dominates the UK while Halo Wars 2 is, well. You know. If 2nd to 12th is bad, what do you call 1st to 15th, Dry Shit? And there’s Shitza plummeting again as well. I guess they’ll need to slice a few more pounds off that price to create artificial demand.

    Sorry, Dry Shit, that doesn’t stop individual cross-play between PSN and PC. Thankfully you retards using my annual subscription fee to keep your dead game up isn’t happening. Buy your own shit.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH Dry Shit bitter as all fuck your mediocre Shitbox game got rightfully rinsed. Cry more, you cunt.

    The Pro’s checkerboarding is far better than Quantum Wait’s shitty checkerboarding that resorted in total Vaselineing even when still. Pathetic!

    Keep up the victim complex, Dry Shit, just reminds us all why we hate Xtwats.

    That fat fuck Quatman must be pushing 40 by now, right? Don’t turn out like him, Dry Shit!

    Shitpio’s SoC delivered last October is a significant blow against your Zen hopes. Oh well!

  • Whatever

    You sound scared of the Switch, Dry Shit. Meanwhile I note nothing about the massive failure that is Halo Wars 2. 1st to 15th is pretty tragic, pal.

    Why are you crying about some analyst’s naval gazing, Dry Shit? Feeling threatened? Not gonna have five minutes of that “precious” power with no exclusives before your world comes tumbling down again? Deal with it, you sad little prick.

    So is Shadow of War going to be the next third-party multiplat Xtwats cling to based on some extremely thin notion of victimhood, just like Sniper Elite 4, just like The Division? And of course, just like those games, it’ll flop too.

    It’s OK, Dry Shit, maybe one day a Shitza Snorizon game will have the soul Nier Automata does. Drive around a dead open world grinding shitty credits for some shitty festival. Best game on the Shitbox Done!!!!!!!!

  • Whatever

    “Back to back AAA hits” Back to back? Sure. AAA? ReCore definitely isn’t. Hits? LOL! And that’s after nine months of waiting. But keep eating shit, Dry Shit, it’s a reminder of how much of a joke you are.

    I love how scared you Xtwats are of some analyst’s naval gazing, Dry Shit. Shitpio already barely relevant as it is!

    Sea of Turds will be F2P when it invariably flops, Dry Shit.

    10GB patch for Halo Wars 2! Will it make it good, Dry Shit?

    Shame about the drought, Dry Shit! At least there’s some lazy indie remake coming up and all those old sparse rendered multiplats in November, Dry Shit!

    LOL the only thing Ion was was another lie by that crook Dean Hall, but I understand your need to fluff up your victim complex.

  • Whatever

    “It’s all the ESRB’s fault we suck.” Yeah, I bet, Dry Shit.

    Such a shame most games already have better frame rate than the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit. That was another delusion you have, along with “DX12 will bail out the Shitbox Done’s hardware.” Remember that?

    I wonder if that fat German cuck Shitehorn realises that the PS4 had internal HDD changing since launch, and had things like a lw battery indicator years before Shitbox did, and still can’t record for longer than five minutes. All those monthly updates you hyped up and you fuckers are still playing catch up.

    Oh look, amid the drought, Lying Phil and Aaron Slugberg wrangled the marketing rights for some low-interest ARPG with no hype. Round of applause, that MS war chest is really paying dividends. Hahahahahahha! Another multiplat you can pretend to care about that’ll invariably flop, just like Sniper Elite 4 and The Division. Hhahahahahahaha!

  • Whatever

    “How dare this person who isn’t an Xtwat have a different opinion I don’t like!!!” If it’s any consolation, Zelda and Horizon are both better than any of the shit on the Xbone, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Hahahahahahahah that twat Jizz’s big scoop was fucking supersampling, something the Pro already does. He spent a week teasing that shit, Dry Shit! Either that or his contact in Shittersoft who keeps feeding him nuggets of excrement didn’t come through so he had to pull something out of his ass. Stay hilarious desperate, you sad sacks of shit!

    “Big bombshell” holy fucking shit how much more of a bubble can you dipshits live in?! Everyone is LAUGHING at you, Dry Shit!

  • Whatever

    “Th-there’s a separate store for the input lag increasing shit!!!!!” When will Shittersoft stop pioneering cancer, Dry Shit?

    Don’t forget to take that sparse rendering enema nice and deep when the Shitpio launches, Dry Shit. Maybe Jizz Corden will have another bust “scoop” to keep your dick semi-flaccid next week. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the victim complex, Dry Shit, it just reminds everyone why they hate Xtwats. πŸ™‚

    Got any more of RedGamingTech’s guesses to keep yourself semi-flaccid, Dry Shit?

  • Whatever

    More trash from Shitbox PR centre Windows Central! An internal power brick, wow! 4K game capture? Say goodbye to that hard drive space. What’s the next hot scoop, does it have a reset button?

    Dry Shit damage controlling the Shitpio’s “beast” tech already? You’re looking at more powerful cards than that to do 4K, but we know you’re a sad little liar so that’s to be expected. It’s OK, those shit textures in those shit MS games are gonna look hot, hahahaa!

    Little niche Nier charts 6th in the UK along with the heavy hitters, Dry Shit! Meanwhile Halo Wars 2 suffers another ignoble plunge from 15th to 25th. Time for price cuts, just like Shitza Snorizon 3!

    Dry Shit mocks the idea of a teaser with just “5” but Xtwats get rock hard over that Shitpio trailer with the CGI motherboard, LOL!

    Same chances of Crackhead 3 being announced in 2014 and not yet released in March 2017, Dry Shit. LOL!

  • Whatever

    How cute, Dry Shit, after years of shitting on PS Now you embrace it because you’ll be able to rent Knack while you wait for games to show up on the Shitbox Done. The wait’s that bad, huh? Best thing is, it streams at 720p so you’ll be getting that Shitbox Done quality! Hahahahhahahaha!

    I understand you fucktards are so bitter you can’t recognise that a rental streaming service is not the same as losing all your new “exclusives” day and date on PC!

    You and that fat fuck Ray Barata better fire up those petitions! Hahahahahahaha!

    Another sad “scoop” by Jizz “neckbeard Xtwat” Cordon! When I said the next one would be about the power cord, I didn’t think I was being serious!

    I sure hope Platinum Games isn’t falling apart. Note that Lying Phil has the touch of death? I hope Nier Automata picks up the slack.

  • Whatever

    Shitbox shill shithole Windows Central hawking that overrated, overpriced, poorly-built SCUF rip-off? They’re a worse lot than Shitbox Mad.

    Oh dear! Looks like your piss weak emulation is nearing twilight status. It went longer than I expected it to, in all fairness. Shame the Sneak King masterpieces never made it though.

    Keep projecting the Shitbox Done’s failures onto PS, Dry Shit, just shows how desperate you are. πŸ™‚

    Still comparing a rental streaming service of years old games to losing all your shit exclusives to PC physically and digitally same day. I can’t stop laughing, Dry Shit!

  • Whatever

    What’s up, Dry Shit? Mocking Ass Effect Andromeda when you’ve been talking up that shit for months because it has some meaningless advantage on the Shitbox Done? Oh dear!

    Drawn to Death isn’t even out yet, Dry Shit, you fucking moron! Good job beclowning yourself again.

    Thank you, EA Shitcess subscribers, for giving us the ability to glimpse Ass Effect’s appalling animations a week before launch which you paid for.

    • Whatever

      Poor Dry Shit, looks like Ass Effect sucks. All that hype for nothing. Never mind, huh? Another multiplat tied to Shitbox turns to shit.

      Imagine that space you’ll need for 4K captures, Dry Shit. LMAO! No wonder they won’t let you record over five minutes. LOL why would it need an SSD? Try getting a clue, dipshit.

      Horizon smashing sales records, Nioh ninth in the NPD without digital sales. Meanwhile Halo Wars 2 doesn’t even show up. What a fucking disaster. Why don’t you buy your own games?

      Own your own bullshit you spread about the Switch, Dry Shit. Gonna make you mad as fuck when it sells more than your precious Shitpio.

  • Whatever

    “Bu bu but muh timed paid demo!!!” Good job, Dry Shit. EA thinks you for your money. Still thinking of shilling for that rip off?

    Hahahahahaahahahhahah! Ass Effect, another franchise with roots to the Shitbox, has been utterly destroyed. Is there anything green can’t ruin? Thanks for paying for that timed demo by the way, all those videos, webms and gifs have been hilarious!

    Of course Shitza’s becoming a service-based game, Dry Shit, they’ve already milked you with microtransactions for it, why not take it to the next level? Fuck Forza.

    Hey Dry Shit, you know these DLC expansions get planned and budgeted for well in advance, right?

    Maybe it’s the default Shitbox Done score because Shitbox Done games are terrible, Dry Shit.

    Tears of Bore 4, better than anything this year, LOL! If you’re a thirsty Xtwat maybe.

    Always funny watching you fuckers get triggered by reality. Shitbox Done is a joke, dude.

    Dry Shit holding out for Japanese games among other empty promises by Lying Phil. Hahahahahhaahha! Keep waiting, dickhead.

    Another shit Turds with Gold month. The laughing stock of launch finally shows up! Now that’s what I call scraping the barrel.

    I suppose that shit Phantom Dust remaster being 8GB means you can tell yourself it’s AAA so you can cope with your shit lineup.

    “A few months ago” = some shitty opinion article from three years back. Funny thing is in 2015, the PS4 still had a better lineup than the Shitbox Done.

    Project Shitpio will be renamed Shitbox HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH in honor of its dipshit, thirsty fanbase.

  • Whatever

    Launch shit Ryse on Turds with Gold, LOL Dry Shit! The best delusion that’s appeared this gen is you retards convincing yourself Ryse is some misunderstood gem when it’s just a piece of shit. This month it was actual gem Tearaway Unfolded versus turd Evolve. Wonder what it’ll be in April?

    Treated second class and you still kiss their ass, Dry Shit. Pathetic.

    Write another opinion piece damage controlling Pachter not saying Shitbox Lame Ass isn’t solid gold, Dry Shit. We all know anything that isn’t pervasive, vague praise triggers you.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit so desperate for news he’s resorting to some Gamespot CEO (who also hyped up the Shitbox Done) hyping up what we already know so he can get pre-orders. Sad!

    Yeah, I bet MS thought about compatibility issues. Or, you hope they have. Poor Dry Shit, that feeling of dread really starting to seep in now?

    It’s fake, Dry Shit. It’s some guy’s predictions. Cry more. If that fails, try and tell yourself some PC game finally going to the dead end Shitbox Done means the PS4 “loses” anything and keep retreating some dago Xbox dickhead doing his best to talk up that Shitpio turd. Twat. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Another piss poor week for the Shitbox Done in the UK, Dry Shit. Shitza Snorizon 3 stagnating at number 10 barely doing better than flopped Mass Effect on PC. Shit like Ryse up because there’s nothing else to buy. Really does feel like a console in its death throes, Dry Shit.

    Hardware bundling, dickhead. It helps your shit games are Β£5 and at fucking clearance prices. But hey, what else can we expect from a fake journalist who can’t do facts? “A-a lot got sold!!!” A few hundred at that position, Dry Shit. Desperate times for scum like you.

    Always funny when you get ripped apart trying to play at journalist. It’s not expressly difficult, Dry Shit.

    You upset that Shittersoft shouldn’t be listening to the emotionally maladjusted dregs that make up its shitty fanbase, Dry Shit? If they weren’t they wouldn’t be pushing out no games and a $499 half-step a year late. Food for thought.

  • Whatever

    No one cares about Shitza Snorizon 3 or its dogshit DLC, Dry Shit.

    While you wait for that, you can get more mad at some IGN JPG that doesn’t cut it. You’re used to shit that doesn’t cut it by now though, Dry Shit.

    Polanco’s effectively right. PigFucker and Timmy Dimmy Dipshit are cancerous, and twats like Mike Ybarra enabling them to the extent they do only makes it worse. The Shitbox “community” needs a serious clean out, and that extends to scum like you, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Still, at least you aren’t being fundamentally wrong about the UK charts again today, Dry Shit. It’s almost as though you’re a thick fanboy cunt trying to damage control a shit, dead brand. Oh wait!

  • Whatever

    BREAKING: Shitbox Done’s best game this year will be a Phil Spencer tweet.

    Well, it’ll either be that or some two year old indie scrap, Dry Shit.

    Dry Shit alternating between shitting on the Switch and using it as a cudgel against the PS4. Pick one, Dry Shit, you snivelling little fuck.

    13 million people tuned into the Shitlo World Championships to laugh at its low quality.

    Took this long to increase the Shitbox Done’s recording time and it’s still a third of what the PS4 does. Hilarious to see the Shitbox Done still playing catch up, just as it’ll always be playing catch up.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, Dry Shit triggered over another great-looking PS4 exclusive. Sounds like Dicksucker Dan Greenawalt is planning something similar for Shitza 7, so I look forward to your backflip.

    No, Dry Shit, Persona 5 is nothing close to Shitbox-associated turd Evolve, but I understand you’re triggered over another great PS4 exclusive, so you’ll push the comparison.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a controller, let’s be honest, Dry Shit. Though it was your big announcement at 2015!

  • Whatever

    More crumbs from Shitdows Central, I see, Dry Shit. “Shitza in 4K!!!!” As if anyone’s supposed to be impressed. I guess they need a distraction after that HILARIOUS Phantom Dust port at 30fps. So this is the power of DX12! LOL!

    Dry Shit so stupid and salty he thinks Now is the whole network. Hahahahahaha! Try harder, Saffer.

    Like another genetic failure and emotional malcontent says, why do they advertise power?!?!? Because it’s an advertisement, retard? You aren’t very smart. No wonder you play pretend journalist, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    More twattery from Jizz Corden and more sad bullshit from a waning brand and its retard adherents? Imagine everyone’s disinterest, you sad little Saffer shit.

    Dry Shit begging for years old indies and begging for PS JRPGs because his shit little lineup is so unfulfilling, Figures. Maybe Uncle Phil have another vague tweet ready just for you!

    Another shit week for Shitbox software in the UK as another PS4 exclusive hits the top 10. Meanwhile Shitlo 5 enters the bundle clearances sweepstakes and weak-performing Ass Effect gets an 80% slump. Stay fucked!

    Not worried about PS5 this year, Dry Shit. Stay desperate that the Shitpio won’t be a joke though!

  • Whatever

    Another blow for the Xtwats! Nier Automata soars past a million sold. “M-maybe I’ll get a version now!!!” Keep begging, Dry Shit.

    “PC 4K assets” Oh right, those 360 textures Uncle Phil insults us by calling ultra, Dry Shit. I’m not sure he even said that in the first place. Still, there’s a lot of bullshit floating around about the Shitpio so it’s not surprising folk are confused.

    LOL you’re actually trying to compare a closed console system to an open platform like PC. Your damage control is in overdrive today, Dry Shit. One might even call it fear. πŸ™‚

    One shitty petition with no signatures. I know you scrape the barrel clinging to your Shitbox fanboyism but at least put some effort in. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Another painful 24 hours of waiting, just like a true Xtwat.

    Happy birthday to one of the many blunders of the Shitbox Done and further proof that Shitbox is the touch of death for third parties.

    From the dude who called it “Scorpion” the other day? Remember that, Dry Shit? “From what I heard” knowing whatever flakes of information we already know. It’s OK, maybe Jizz Corden will make another vague tweet.

    No surprise that fat piece of shit Penello crawled into that thread. He’s still a joke from 2013!

  • Whatever

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, DRY SHIT! IT’S A FUCKING JAGUAR! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA! Barely four more compute units than the Pro too. Call that “premium?” You cocksuckers didn’t even get a name either.

    But, of course, you idiots will get excited over a screenshot of a game where nothing is happening at Shitbone-level fidelity which was already 1080p/60 on the doughnut Xbone. Credit where credit’s due: MS knows how to lead idiots on.

    Holy fuck, I can’t stop laughing. A “premium” price tag for a four year old laptop CPU and a GPU marginally better than the Pro’s. 12GB of GDDR5 but 4 of it is used by the fucking OS for some reason. And of course, the premium pricetag is confirmed! Incredible.

    “Official information from Shittersoft.” Fair play to Cancersoft, they were smart channeling this through DF and the Shitbox fandrone Leadbetter. You’ll read the marketing guff fed to him by that scumbag shill Mike Ybarra and not the raw specs which are utterly laughable. “DX12 directly into the GPU!!!” Another laughable PR line by Shittersoft. Funny they’re still depending on that crap after the last time they got humiliated over it.

    You waited ten long months for this. All that speculation, all that hype, all that frustration, for this? It’s done. It’s over. You’re out.

  • Whatever

    When one’s a brand new console and the other’s some shitty upgrade, there damn well is a difference, Dry Shit.

    No, Dry Shit, you aren’t getting 4K textures on the Shitpio is Shitza’s at 88% overhead missing most graphical effects and rendering no action. Dickhead Dealer’s damage control will be sublime!

    I’m sure Dickhead Dealer won’t bring up AnandTech reporting the Shitpio’s possible memory bandwidth imbalances but that would disrupt his little narrative.

    Oh yeah: ShitzaTech is not a good benchmark for any kind of tech considering how shit Shitza looks, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    So much for all that Shitpio hype, huh? 24 hours later and people already don’t fucking care. All that marketing shit in DF, those weak specs considering all the hype and no practical examples to demonstrate it except a pathetic little screenshot.

    Even the paid Redmond shills are doing it half-heartedly. This thing is so DOA it’s actually funny.

    But hey, you’ll line up for it day one for weak ass non-exclusives at 4K because you’re a brand zombie.

    You know things are looking bad when Shittersoft have that piece of shit liar Penello doing his secret sauce shit from 2013 again. “I-it’s not about the numbers!!!!” Oh yeah, it’s also about that shit CPU again after you fuckers spent months begging for Zen. Remember that? I remember.

    Persona 5 dominates the UK charts and Shitbox games disappear without trace. “Bu bu but Shitza Snorizon 3!!!!!” As long as that lowest common denominator shit continues to be bundled, it’ll continue to stagnate into the mid-charts until it fucks off mid-year.

  • Whatever

    How they increasing “mindshare” when folk have already forgotten, Dry Shit? πŸ™‚

    Rime all set to flop on the Shitbox Done because you cocksuckers don’t buy games. Nothing about Ass Effect plummeting to fifth in the UK charts after two underwhelming weeks? Nothing about Persona 5 number one? Nothing about all those shit launch games falling out of the top 40 after they appeared because of stock clearances?

    Oh look, more buzzphrases and bullshit to smear on the pig that is the Shitpio. After an underwhelming reveal and a weekend where the marketers run defence, we’re at the point where the specially-held back “surprise” is something that’s basically irrelevant. In a year you might get a TV that supports FreeSync. Something else for you to beg for like the loser you are! Until then, stay cucked.

    And in one final burst of desperation, here’s Black Ops 2, fucking finally, a seven year old game Xtwats have been jonesing for for years. Stay in the shitter, Xtwat. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Another damage control article about the Shitpio, I see. “Ideally we want games to run better!!!” Oh, ideally, is it now, Shitbox exec? “Microsoft declined to speculate how long it took Doom to work.” Of course. More confirmation that it’s little more than a glorified upscaler running Boost Mode like the Pro does. That render is ugly as fuck too.

    Shame that FreeSync ended up being a load of nothing, isn’t it? Maybe Phil’s begging on it for TVs will go better than his begging for games, Dry Shit.

    Another 1000% increase of fuck all still being fuck all to celebrate today? Of course. At least you fuckers have something to play before the player base goes back to what it was in a week. Again.

    Dry Shit on another begging spree. “P-please buy a Shitpio!!!” No. πŸ™‚

    “Bu bu but active consoles!!!” HAHAHAHAHA are you fucking kidding me, Dry Shit? Your desperation for spin continues to amaze. Are the idiots who got a Shitbone Ass to watch movies counted? Fuck off.

    You’ve gotta be mad as fuck Lost Legacy is all set to be better than most of your trash this year, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    More crumbs to keep you idiots above water. Refunds are nice, shame you fuckers don’t buy games to refund.

    God, that devkit is fucking ugly. When is Shittersoft going to advance past the “media box” design? Forgettable shapes for forgettable consoles, I guess.

    No Zen CPU, no reveal event, no games, no clue. Isn’t it sad when your pathetic hopes come to nothing? Hahahahahaha!

    More desperate port-begging from Dry Shit. Fire up those petitions, dickhead!

    Good luck with that sparse rendering on the Shitpio, Dry Shit.

    Shitbox drones are and always will be a cancer. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Oh look, another Xtwat meltdown session. This time because some guy DARES to have a preference and is consistent about his lack of interest in these sad litle upgrades. Even when you’re “winning” you’re still a bunch of pissy bitches. This is why everyone hates you!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Lego City manages to perform the worst on the Shitbox Done. Em-fucking-barrassing! “Bu bu bu but Shitpio will fix it!!!” Yeah, that shit CPU is going to make that hard-coded game run substantially better. I’d feel sorry for you but you fuckers deserve it good and hard.

    Watching you get flustered because you got called out on that “GTX1080” shit was fantastic. Shitza is not a good benchmarking tool, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Yeah, that’s right, support your Shitbox fanboy blog so you can get your bullshit fed back to you. Retards.

    Why are you so upset about a fact being neutrally stated, Dry Shit? Shitbox Done came dead third, fuckhead, and it likely will do for the rest of the year until at least November, then you’ll get two months of holiday life support before the Shitbox Done settles back down to third.

    You, Jarrid Best, Quatman, that Str8sixxer retard. What is it about Xtwats which makes you look like you crawled out of the shallow end of the gene pool?

  • Whatever

    Digital Foundry providing more fluff for you losers. I wonder if there’ll be more “clarifications” in a week and a half because Shittersoft are inate liars. “Two days” hahahahahahaha! “Deep dive” with barely any details. What a load of shit.

    Gotta make sure that haphazard emulation is still dragging along too! Hahahahahahah!

    Dry Shit on the damage control over no reveal event again. Pretty sad TBH. Downplay the PS4’s better lineup some more as well, loser.

  • Whatever

    Another rat shit “deep dive” that tells nothing for you to try and sustain an erection over, Dry Shit. Digital Foundry is going to drip-feed you cucks with this to keep you on edge for the next two months.

    Oh look, Shittersoft lying about something else. Co-op being exclusive! And yes, it was deliberate. Rat fuckers are desperate enough to make a “mistake.”

    The entire CPU is a bottleneck. No amount of “customisations” they can’t actually describe is going to bail that out. Wonder how many more “clarifications” they’re going to make. Bunch of fucking liars.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, another Cuckfest for E3 so Shittersoft doesn’t have to spend money on hollering chimps for its shit games and underwhelming hardware. Remember to sign up like a good drone!

    And before you make any mention of servers like the usual predictable Xtwat: Xbox Fitness goes down the same day and Project Spark went down years ago. So much for “muh Azure cloud,” right?

    Bu bu but I thought the Pro didn’t have any native 4K games, Dry Shit? What happened?

    All those cockroaches interested in the PS4 are Xtwats looking for games to play after that underwhelming specs reveal. What a shame.

    Halo Wars on Steam? Looks like Shittersoft is finally abandoning the disastrous Windows 10 Store. It’s OK, Halo and Shitza will stay exclusives because, let’s be honest, what other reason is there for Shitbox to exist? Voodoo Vince? Oh wait, that shitty indie remake is on Steam and it’s still flopping. LOL!

  • Whatever

    Xbox Live having issues again? Bu bu but I thought it was bulletproof? How sad for you, Dry Shit.

    LMAO another MS cock-up. Now you all have to sign up for the Cuckfest again so you can have the privilege of Slugberg firing his stagnant seed down your throat in a dark corner of a carpark. And they said you had a drought! Hahahahahahaha!

    Poor Dry Shit, crying because the Switch and the SNES Mini will outsell his little Shitpio. Bwahahahahhahahaha!

    Beg for more PC ports, dickhead, it’s not like you have any games to play.

    Loving watching you retards cling to that digital sales report so you can try and push your sad narrative, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    It’s been great watching PigFucker’s meltdown over the last six months. Only thing pointless here is that fat sack of dog shit. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Another fucking embarrassing NPD month for the Shitbox Done CONFIRMED, Dry Shit. Zelda, Horizon, MLB and Nier are dominating while the Shitbox Done comes dead third where it belongs. Where’s Halo Wars 2? Where’s Shitza? Where’s Gears? No wonder they’re letting NPD include digital sales from next month, gotta prop up those absolutely fucking pathetic numbers so far.

    ANOTHER shit GWG for you, Dry Shit. Not as bad as fucking Ryse, but still utterly shit, and you losers lap it up like the gameless turds you are. Sip sip!

    It could be worse, you could have another weak-ass “BC” “update” or a sad subscription service to get milked over coming out of Alpha soon – oh wait. Hahahahahaha!

    Twist that survey so you can prop up your flailing narrative some more, Dry Shit. Just makes you look like more of a desperate twat.

  • Whatever

    Kind of fucking pathetic that 480p was even being talked about with whatever the fuck Phantom Dust is, Dry Shit. Probably why it’s taking so long to get out. “It’s ready, boss.” “OK.” “It’s 480p though” “Delay it for another year” Tragic!

    Hey Dry Shit, no one’s mad about “Semi-Pro.” Figures you cocksuckers are desperate for strawmen though, and it figures you losers are so thick that’s what pisses for wit in Shitbox circles!

    Funny how they had to “clarify” (see: backtrack) that “baked-in” shit, among with three other things about the Shitpio. Still, the initial lie got out so you’re set, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Oh look, NPD again. That’s 30% of the market. Guess what’s happening in the other 70%, Dry Shit? I’ll give you a guess. Manfredi Miconi has spent the last four years being a butt-frustrated Xbitch just like you have, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Oh, we’re back to believing Wardell as the fount of all knowledge after a sketchy few weeks, Dry Shit? Re Shitpio: a third of that 12GB RAM on the OS means 4K textures will be rare. Sorry. πŸ™‚

    This week in Xbone exclusives: fucking nothing. Price: a week of griping and crying on Twitter.

    Don’t be jealous of games, Dry Shit. It’s unbecoming. That creator’s program will soon get you sequels to classics like Jawsome and Are You Smarter Than A Cheerleader? (The answer to that title being “no” if you’re an Xtwat.)

  • Whatever

    YET ANOTHER shit week for the Shitbox in the UK while PS and Nintendo continues to dominate. “Bu bu but bundled lowest common denominator Shitza Snorizon 3!!!!” Cling to that shit, retard.

    Oh, is Brad Wardell back in your good books again, Dry Shit? A third of that RAM reserved for the OS and held back by the Shitbox Done. Anything to keep your two-inch peckers up though, right?

    A movie game and indies, Dry Shit. Incredible. I thought that was just the PS4’s thing though? Right? Remember that, Dry Shit?

    “Grew up?” Shitbox scum are the primordial slime of the industry, Dry Shit.

    Remember when CliffyB was your guy, Dry Shit? Funny how fast you fuckers turn on yourselves and on your sacred cows when there’s any hint that they’ve wandered out of the cult.

  • Whatever

    Don’t you worry about GT Sport, Dry Shit. Worry about Shitza being another technically unimpressive game so it can be 1080p/60 on the doughnut Shitbox Done.

    Unfortunately for those Milgrau retards and you, Dry Shit, there’s no such thing as “true 4K.” It’s either 4K or it isn’t, and in most cases, it just isn’t going to be 4K on the Shitpio. πŸ™‚

    What a surprise, another multiplat is a disaster on the Shitbox Done. “Bu bu but Shitpio will fix it!!!” You hope.

  • Whatever

    Cherry picked tech demo screenshots! Hahahahahaha! Of course, after that disappointing specs reveal that everyone’s already forgotten about here comes Shitbox shill Jizz Corden to try and make people care. With those sad turds? Wow, it’s fucking nothing! Fucking pathetic.

    And of course, one of them looks like a Fable game so you cocksuckers can get excited over vague dreams again.

    All that money and no games and a Jaguar CPU, Dry Shit. Hahahah! Of course, you’re dumb enough to think market cap means anything in a meaningful context.

    “N-nobody is buying a P-Pro!!!” PigFucker’s looking pretty rattled, Dry Shit. Looks like people won’t be buying the Shitpio considering those laughable tech demo photos!

    “C-consoles aren’t dying, th-they’re evolving!!!” No, Shitbox is dying, Dry Shit. That’s it.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, more Uncle Phil interviews. That cocksucker talks more shit to keep his dipshit fans off suicide watch than he’s actually released games. Pretty sad tbh. “Apparently they mentioned…” Yeah, I bet they did. “Price relative to PC” Oh dear! “I can tell the difference!” I bet you can, Phil. I suppose they need something after those shit tech demo screenshots they had to leak.

    Alternatively you can spend that money on Amiibo ripoffs they’ll be making for Shittersoft, Dry Shit.

    And to give you fuckers another salve for continuing to get blown out, here’s Shitza Snorizon 3 having its 2nd best market on PC in China. Disregarding we don’t actually know PC numbers to even quantify that but hey, any straw for you fuckers to cling to.

    Hahahaha Dry Shit crying because he’s getting his shit pushed in, just like he’s spent the last three years crying like a bitch. Stay upset.

    Of course Sniperfield 1 “blew your mind,” Dry Shit, it was getting marketed on the Shitbox. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Poor little Dry Shit, desperately trying to downplay another fantastic quarter for PlayStation. It’s always been shipped on financial statements and it’s a bare million unit lag if you want to be really desperate.

    Yes, Dry Shit, that 52 million number includes free accounts logged in just once a month, no matter how anal you want to be about it. And it’s declined! “Bu bu but muh awesome MP!!!” Hahahahahahahha!

    Poor little Dry Shit mad at the Switch’s success. Hahhahaahah! Go seethe in your Shitbox cuckshed, you sad little bitch. “Bu bu $1.9 billion revenue!!!!” How much was that was profit or operating income, Dry Shit? I’ll wait.

    I love how Uncle Phil thinks he’s seen PS versions of future third party games. Gotta feed you something in that interview to be hopeful about!

    Whole world’s forgotten about the Shitpio? Those leaked tech demo screenshots did nothing? Never fear! Here’s another interview, ostensibly to ease you into that “premium pricetag relative to PC” and all those grindfest MP games you’ll be getting at E3. And, of course, more promises to increase first party investment, as if we haven’t heard that five times since 2014. Phil really likes his own opinions, doesn’t he? Like that “let’s release unfinished games under a subscription service!!!” crud, as if Early Access doesn’t already exist. Sad!

    Another mediocre quarter for the Shitbox. Hardware down hard (Bu bu but the movie player!), Shitbox Live subscriptions down too (Bu bu but the MAU!).

    Oh look, Uncle Phil’s promising first-party investment. Just like he’s done for the last three years and had little to show for it over and over again.

  • Whatever

    You actually trying to compare Lame Ass to Destiny, Dry Shit? I know you rat fuckers are desperate but at least try to put some effort in.

    Dry Shit desperately damage controlling another Phil Spencer blunder like the shit-eating Xtwat he is. Maybe if you try harder enough he’ll pay you a visit and give you a little pat on the head.

    Take your mind off things with the mind-blowing revelation that graphical powerhouse World of Tanks is 4K on the Shitpio, Dry Shit. Remember when you retards thought it would be 4K on the doughnut Xbone as well? Hahahahahha!

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, stay mad that the Xtwat penchant to get milked doesn’t get projected easily. Funny as fuck that the only way you can justify the Shitbox Done still is with movies! Haahahahahahah!

    Cry less about GT Sport and worry more about your shit, milked racer getting all the necessary shortcuts to hit your precious 4K. Shit shadowing and shit environment textures again! Hahahahahaha!

    Shitpio is an overclocked turd with a shit GPU anyway, may as well wait for PS5. At least it’ll have games! Hahahahahahaha!

  • Whatever

    Another day, another boring morsel of information, Dry Shit. This time a video of a fucking devkit. Fucking boring. The Shitbox brand really is utterly moribund if that’s the best you can do. I suppose it makes another change from crap emulation offerings.

    Remedy, another developer who ran away from the Grim Reaper that is Shitbox. Funny how that keeps happening, isn’t it, Dry Shit? Uncle Phil has the touch of death.

    Great to see Brad “DX12 will bail out the Shitbox Done” Wardell get wheeled out again, Dry Shit. Of course, he has nothing of actual significance to say. It did trigger the Xtwats in delusion at that netbook CPU’s mediocre upgrade. “Bu bu but muh customisation!!!” Please, as if every console CPU doesn’t get customised in some way.

    Dry Shit crying about the Shitface Laptop, as expected. No one cares about more shit MS hardware, loser.

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! DRY SHIT HAS REACHED PEAK DELUSION! No, single player games are not failing and no, we don’t need another one of your shitty little services. Keep pioneering cancer, Shittersoft drone, it reminds everyone why we hate you.

  • Whatever

    Hhahahahahhaa, not only does Phantom Dust look like ABSOLUTE SHIT, they’ve inserted microtransactions into it just for useless lazy retard Xtwats! Hahahahaha! Don’t forget to cough up for Uncle Phil, they need to massage their digital revenue figures!

    Things are so bad you have to project that worthless shit onto the PS4. Stay mad those Japanese games you desperately try and downplay look and play better than your rehashed shite, Dry Shit.

    No, Dry Shit, the PS4 bailed out this gen by telling cancerous Shittersoft and its disgusting shills and apologists to fuck off. Since then Shittersoft’s been slowing trying to re-implement that cancer while the same shills and apologists tell themselves that the comeback is just around the corner! But it never happens. And that’s because the market has rightly told you to fuck off. Feels good man. πŸ™‚

    Project Cars destroys your precious Shitza, Dry Shit. Deal with it. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Hahahaha Xtwats getting mad at another opinion article. We all know you scumbags want that LCD screen, Dry Shit. Start a petition. πŸ™‚

    Dry Shit getting mad because he’s identified as the toxic cancer he is. Truth hurts the nasty little Shitbox shill. Deal with it.

    Dry Shit getting madder because inaccurately projecting his cancerous nature onto others backfired hard. Keep fucking up, Dry Shit.

    Shame how we’re still dealing with Halo’s malignant influence on the first-person shooter genre. Fucking regen health and two-weapon loadouts. Thankfully that shit is slowly being purged as neo-Halo remains a joke, Dry Shit.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Sea of Turds gets cancelled, game looks like raw ass and has since reveal.

  • Whatever

    Pioneer cheevo shit, express cheevo shit as a measure of how much you play, get mad when Xtwats have that measurement used against them. It’s OK, even without cheevos, we all knew PigFucker doesn’t play games.

    What the fuck is WWP, Dry Shit? Funny how you always find an anecdote to prop up your fanboy butthurt. Or maybe you’re upset the Shitbox Done has nothing as good as UC4? Hahahahaha!

    We all knew you’d pay $60 for any old crap, Dry Shit. That’s how bad things are for Xtwats. Worry less about Tekken 7 on PS4 and how it’ll do on the weaker base Shitbox Done with an already non-existent community! At least that MOBA will be 4K/60 on the Shitpio. Hahahahahaha! That insecurity from the usual Shitbox drone cancer! God, we hate you all.

    Ass-looking Minecraft in 4K, what a fucking shock! Put that in with every other low-fidelity indie and shitty “exclusive.”

    Yeah, yeah, we get it, Dry Shit. Always the victim. Change the record.

    Dry Shit damage controlling a shit lineup because that’s what he’s been doing since day one. Sad prick. Keep clinging to Elite Dangerous as if anyone gives a fuck.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, Dry Shit obsessed with folk who left the sad Shitbox cult. What a surprise. It’s as if that’s a reason why the Shitbox brand is so utterly unpopular and it’s not just because of power.

    It’s got so bad Dry Shit’s begging for Original Xbox games on the Shitbox Done now. Might be better off waiting for how bad Phantom Dust is before asking for more.

    LOL Groove, please. At least more people care about that than Beam though, Dry Shit.

    Oh God, the Windows 10 version. The fucking mobile version that’s modified a little bit. Does anyone even own that?

    That’s a fourth thing about the Shitpio you wanted that’s dashed, Dry Shit. Time to fire up the petitions. Maybe Uncle Phil will actually deliver what you want for a change.

  • Whatever

    Oh, what’s that? 85% of people haven’t heard of the Shitpio? After one E3 and all this desperate hype last few weeks? Oh dear! So much for the comeback console, Dry Shit. Guess you’ll be back to eating shit again.

    Speaking of eating shit, Uncle Phil’s on more of his bullshit “I-it’s all about the g-games” while enabling asshole scum like Timmy Dimmy Dipshit and Quatman. Maybe he should practice what he preaches, Dry Shit. Maybe he should spend less time giving you losers vague promises to keep you off the ledge.

    What a surprise, Dry Shit is trying to justify even more rip-off subscription services so he can justify clinging to Shitbox and being able to spend some money. Imagine if you had some games, Dry Shit. No, another cancerous turd MS pioneers is not good for anything.

    I can smell your PCars fear, Dry Shit. It’s OK, Shitza’s at the back of the pack now the COD of racers has some competition.

  • Whatever

    What’s this, Dry Shit? Halo 5 confirms Xtwats are bringing the worst of mobile transactions to consoles? Of course they are. You fuckers should have supported great games like Hitman instead of shit like ROTTR but we all know you fuckers don’t care about anything unless it’s tied to that puke green cross and even then you don’t buy those games half the fucking time.

    Loving the damage control over the Nielsen survey. “Bu bu but Shitpio doesn’t have a proper name yet!!!” It has had a full E3 reveal, another forthcoming E3 segment and a year of hype from the usual retards. It’s always funny when reality intrudes on you, Dry Shit.

    Dry Shit begging for Windows Phone news with his retard friend Mike Myarsehole! I suppose you need something to take your mind off recent bullshit.

    LOL Dry Shit desperately hunting for crumbs to defend his cult leader with. Just because SE bungled their Western IPs doesn’t mean Uncle Phil isn’t wrong as fuck.

    Keep hawking your shit subscription services, Dry Shit, gives you something to spend some money on for once.

  • Whatever

    “S-Shitbox is profitable!!!” That’s cute, imagine if they actually showed that in the financial statements. Dry Shit. I suppose they finally got a good milking pattern down with you using Shitlo and Shitza microtransactions. Hope you’re “loyal” enough for your asses to handle it!

    Looks like Shittersoft is going balls deep with that AR shit, just like the leaked road map said. Such a shame it still looks like total shit, Dry Shit. You’d think after all that Hololens crap they’d wind it in a bit, but nope.

    So one of the men responsible for fucking up Halo leaves to fuck up that AR shit MS will be pimping, Dry Shit. That’s a good sign!

    Want to know what your shit games will look like on the Shitpio, Dry Shit the sad Saffer? Try exactly the same but upressed a bit. Dat powah tho!

    “I h-hope people bought this y-years old indie game on the Shitbox Done!!!” Don’t get your hopes up, Dry Shit. We all know you fuckers don’t buy games.

    The really funny thing about your damage control over Uncle Phil’s ceaseless bullshit is that Hitman perfectly slotted into that subscription-based GaaS cancer he wants to promote. Guess what? Didn’t go so well. Really makes you think, doesn’t it, Dry Shit?

    Hahahahah Dry Shit triggered over a dev being honest about the Shitpio. Off yourself, Dry Shit.

    Looks like yet another shit-looking Ass Creed has the bills getting paid for by MS. You were getting buttfucked so much, I was worried another one would send you over the edge.

    Hahahaha keyboard support on the Shitbox Done. It’ll have less support than it does on the PS4 which has had it for a year. Shitbox Done, always playing catch up.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit and Mike Myarsehole on the damage control. JRPGs sell more on PS4 than your dogshit “blockbusters” do. Another inconvenient truths Xtwats don’t like.

    Just as well no one really cares about Craphead, Dry Shit.

    What’s the matter, Dry Shit? It doesn’t say 4K on that image. I guess maybe you’re used to being lied to, you know, being a Shitbox drone. Hahahahahaha!

  • Whatever

    No Halo 6 at E3, Dry Shit! The only reason for the Shitbox brand to even exist at this point. At least you’ll have shit DLC for that shit spinoff instead. Haahahahahahah!

    Oh look, another sad devkit video leaked. Stop trying to make people care, losers. People already don’t with a year’s worth of hype, Dry Shit.

    That Xtwat user profile is clearly inaccurate, Dry Shit. They vastly understate just how sad, desperate, middle-aged and clingy most of you are. I suppose it’s not a good look to the shareholders for the brand.

    The Gran Turismo fear is real, Dry Shit! Love it when the mask slips off PigFucker’s fat face and you can see his pimply anguish clearly. What a shit, cancerous fanbase. Shitza’s pathetic little attendance crowns starts to slip and it’s panic stations. Losers.

    Sorry, Dry Shit, but UWP is garbage. No wonder that fat twat Jizzy Corden is on the damage control over it, usual shit. He should stick to leaking stupid twattery about the Shitpio dev kit.

  • Whatever

    You know things are bad when they have to give away that sad port you’ve been waiting three years for for free because they know you fuckers won’t buy it and it’ll have more worth as a “goodwill dredger.” I suppose it might make some money on the microtransactions you fuckers enjoy indulging in so much, Dry Shit.

    Another lame monthly update, Dry Shit. Remember when you twats used to shill that garbage, just a few short years ago? What a load of crap that much. Still, you didn’t and still don’t have much to work with so it’s hardly surprising.

    Oh look, another Ubisoft quarterly which shows PS4 software sales smashing the Shitbox Done. I’m sure you’ll find some obscure figure you can twist to make you fuckers try and look better. Beyond pathetic, Dry Shit!

    Dry Shit begging for old games to play because Phantom Shit isn’t doing the job. What a shame. No wonder they shit that out for free. At least you aren’t begging for more old ports and demanding they get put into your shitty subscription service so you can justify getting shafted over that too. Oh wait.

    That’ll be why PS4 is still outselling the Shitbox Done, right? New hardware is doing well, what a surprise. Even your half-assed movie player managed that, Dry Shit.

    Old news from Carmack, Dry Shit. Sad that the Shitpio is still a limp piece of shit for what you fuckers so desperately want it to do. Maybe you can blame Gamespot for that when the reality sinks in.

    Sorry Dry Shit, The Crew offers something slightly interesting in its huge map. Moreso than Shitza Snorizon 3 and its dead open world.

    Sadly for you and Jamie Fuckboy, GTS destroys your sad little Shitza and its 360 textures, Dry Shit. “Bu bu but 4K!!!” Not surprised with that awful fidelity. It’s always amusing how it’s the COD of racers you get the most shrill defending.

  • Whatever

    Shitbox fanboy scum are so utterly bereft at their shit lineup and desperate for something to care about, some Xtwat with a known history of being wrong has to lie about Shittersoft sitting on copyright. “I-it’s early info you g-guys!!!” Fucking pathetic, Dry Shit.

    If it’s any consolation, Kamiya was the only reason people gave half a fuck about Scalebound so yeah, people are going to hate it, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Dry Shit controlling that rat shit free port already. Don’t you worry your little Saffer head about GT Sport, rest assured it crushes your shit games. πŸ™‚

    Keep crying about Steam, Dry Shit, we all know how Xtwats behave concerning superior competitors.

  • Whatever

    Shitbox fanboy scum are so utterly bereft at their shit lineup and desperate for something to care about, some Xtwat with a known history of being wrong has to lie about Shittersoft sitting on copyright. “I-it’s early info you g-guys!!!” Fucking pathetic, Dry Shit.

    Another NPD, another flop for Shittersoft again, Dry Shit. Last place for the Shitbox Done again, no-show for Shitbox exclusives again. Your one fucking slither of consolation is the fact that last gen shit hit tenth because it was emulated. Never mind the fact that nothing else made emulatable last month showed up. It totally justifies everything. Dickhead. Remember when “muh digital sales” was the crutch for your retail flops and it turns out they’re flopping digitally too? No wonder you’re going mental.

    Destiny not 60fps on the Shitpio, Dry Shit. It begins! We all told you so, but you chose not to listen and you chose to be a delusional twat, just like we expect from Shitbox scum.

    Start a petition for your precious Flop Anywhere, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Fucking great watching slimy shit Ybarra and dickhead tumor Spencer on damage control today, Dry Shit. “No mandate,” right? Contradicting what Loftis said last year? Contradicting all that “true 4K” marketing bullshit they’ve been feeding you for 11 months? Fucking desperate. Better fire up those petitions, you pathetic fucking twat.

    Take your cross-play with cancerous Shitbox scum and shove it, Dry Shit. I don’t pay $50 a year to prop up dead communities on multiplats because you fuckers don’t buy games, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Second day of Xtwat damage control over Shitpio’s deficiencies concerning Destiny 2. Fucking pathetic! I can smell Xtwat fear and it smells good. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Another shocking week for Shitbox in the UK, Dry Shit! Shitza Snorizon 3 finally loses its subsidy status and collapses, The Surge enters at a mere 31st on Shitbox and Farpoint, a PSVR game is 2nd. Xtwat blown the fuck out once again, time and again!

    Are those nasty Shitbox executives still damage controlling that shit CPU, Dry Shit? “Bu bu bu but nothing’s mandated!!!” Shittersoft passing the buck, how utterly typical.

    Lawbreakers on PS4? Time to fire up those petitions, Dry Shit! Tons of nasty Shitbox news this week so out comes the Shitza MAUs. No one gives a fuck how many people played that turd for an hour then traded it in.

    It’s the hardware division, Dry Shit, and there hasn’t been operating income for that in years. Keep clinging to hope though, it just makes you look more desperate.

    LOL Dry Shit still bitter the Shitbox Done was so awful it did Ground Zeroes running on the Fox Engine at 720p. Fucking pathetic, both you and the console.

    “Bu bu but muh servers!!!!” Everyone knew years ago devs wouldn’t use your shit servers because they want to control the experience they provide, retard.

  • Whatever

    Another day of damage control! It’s amazing the idea that your precious little upgrade isn’t the beast you wanted it to be has you fuckers at panic stations, Dry Shit.

    Another weak Turds with Gold month, Dry Shit. Mostly stuff on Plus years ago. At least Watch Dogs is vaguely new, but then Plus was delivering newer AAA retail games months ago.

    No one gives a fuck about Beam. Maybe this new news is they’ve poached some big-name streamer and make people care. Would be rampantly pathetic, and the kind of bullshit I’d expect from Shittersoft, Dry Shit.

    By “boring” you so clearly mean “competent and well-executed,” Dry Shit. Same as the Switch, which is why both are fucking destroying the Shitbox Done and will destoy the Shitpio too. Cry more. πŸ™‚

    Wow, love how scared you are about Shitpio botching E3. “Th-they don’t need to do comparisons!!!!” Fucking pathetic, Dry Shit.

    “Boom.” People don’t believe lying Phil anymore, Dry Shit. His damage control is getting really fucking boring now.

    I hope cross-play never happens, Dry Shit. I don’t pay $50 a year to prop up the dead communities on multiplat games on the Shitbox Done.

    “W-we don’t know w-what will launch in 2018!!!$” Yes we do, Dry Shit. Half of this year’s lineup will. It’s a pattern. πŸ™‚

    Might want to pretend you have a clue, considering you keep pretending to be a journalist. Lawbreakers isn’t F2P. That ratshit Phatom Dust is, though. It’s so unwanted they have to give people DLC packs as a Turds with Gold incentive to try and make them give a shit.

    A good write up for GT! How dare they!!! Maybe one day someone will care about Shitza, Dry Shit.

    I remember last year when MS announced some stuff before E3. “So much to show!!!!” What changed, Dry Shit? Oh right, the company that does it. Imagine if Shitbox has something to show you, Dry Shit, you might not need to pretend constantly, you sad Saffer fuck. “We’re here for support,” while you make excuses for Shittersoft offering you fuck all. Neck yourself.

  • Whatever

    Oh look, it’s another shit Turds with Gold month, Dry Shit. Stuff on Plus long ago and Watch Dogs. Wew! Of course, shit-eaters like you will be enthralled.

    A sixth day of damage control from Uncle Phil, Dry Shit! They’re really rattled. “I-I’m p-pretty sure we’ll have the best versions!!!” Not very confident, is he? Of course, all he needs are the unrepresentative headlines and he’s fine.

    Renaming Shittersoft Studios! Rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, more like. Nice little sop to make you think something significant is happening though, Dry Shit.

    Shitbox Lame Ass finally has a release date. Another rip off subscription service for Shittersoft to milk you over. Make sure to moo like a good little cow!

    LOL how is “dedicated servers” supposed to make a game 60FPS, Dry Shit? Fucking desperate trash from the loser trying to justify muh Azure.

    No one gives a fuck about Flop Anywhere, Dry Shit.

    You know exactly what’s coming in 2018, Dry Shit. Half the previous year’s lineup. Just like every other year. Hahaha!

  • Whatever

    Hahahaha, Dry Shit seething over another third party game avoiding the jinx Shitbox. Cry more, you fucking loser.

    Dry Shit on the damage control over people falling over the cult. I can smell Xtwat desperation, and it smells good.

    Fucking great watching the dumb ones kiss more ass than usual, like that fucking Crypt loser. He’s basically Snoopy tier Xtwat. Hahahahah!

    “Should,” Dry Shit? Sure hope you aren’t going off to early like your idiot friend Quatman does. By the way, the rare game being better on the Shitbox isn’t new. It’s unsurprising that it’s Bethesda as well.

    “Last night I dreamt about Phil Spencer and begged to kiss his ass!!!” Whoa, Dry Shit! Time to rein in the cultist behaviour.

  • Whatever

    Don’t like Tekken, don’t like NFS. Oh yeah, you’re an Xtwat, Dry Shit, you don’t like games.

    Oh look, it’s time for Xtwats to call E3 a yearly preview when it isn’t. Such a shame they release fuck all first nine months of the year to have a slightly larger percentage.

    Shadow of War looking distinctly unimpressive on that blurry off-camera footage. Is this what you losers are left to, Dry Shit? Pretty sad tbh.

    Streaming Steam games on Shitbox Done! I know you losers are desperate for games but this is ridiculous!

  • Whatever

    You know things are looking bad when you’ve got some misrepresentative bullshit to defend your PS2 textures at 4K on your shit website, Dry Shit. Things are looking worse when that snivelling cuck Larry Herb releases yet another video of the fucking dev kit, as if you will ever use it. Hahahahaha!

    Hahahahahaha, Dry Shit mad at another week full of great PS4 releases while you get dust and lies. Cry more.

    Hahahahahaha, Dry Shit mad at someone telling the truth over the Shitbox Done’s game output being FUCKING TERRIBLE. Cry more.

    You’re right, Nintendo would get crucified, because Shitbox is the touch of death.

    How’s third place in th NPDs treating you, Dry Shit? Used to it yet? Twat.

    Dry Shit already damage controlling another mediocre Shitbox conference. That’s pretty sad tbh. Even worse is you trying to claim that third parties running away from Shitbox is a good thing. Hahahahahah!

    You gonna holler Shitbox won when they remaster 2016’s E3? Crackhead 3, Sea of Turds, Cuphead, another fucking Forza? Fucking hell.

    4chan fanfic! We know you’re fucking desperate, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. “LOL all these games years away that will be at E3!!!!” “Waaaaah why isn’t Shenmue 3 or Death Standing at E3?!!?!!?” Make your mind up, dipshit.

    Dry Shit damage controlling that Ars study hard. 1.5%, dipshit. Confirms what we all know about Shitbox cocksuckers not playing games either. We already knew that. Shame you denied it. πŸ™‚

    LOL already preparing to spin another shit E3 for Xbox. You’re a dutiful little shill, Dry Shit. Don’t be sad the PS4 lineup is once again besting the worthless rehashed shit you have.

    What happened to Fallout 4 VR then? I feel bad for you cocksuckers, you spent three weeks telling yourselves you love VR, all for nothing. Hahahahha!

    “D-DirectX 12 will save us this time!!!!” Keep at it, Dry Shit. Shitpio isn’t a new console either.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, always angry, bitter, frustrated and stupid. Yeah, the Switch and PS4 will probably body you at E3. You’d better get ready for that.

    Slimy Mikey with more spin! I remember when they “unlocked” bullshit with the Xbone pre-launch. Didn’t do anything decent.

    Hahahahaha, Dry Shit, begging MS not to have certain things at E3. Fucking pathetic. What’s more pathetic is you getting scared that games far off are getting moved out of E3. I wonder what means?

    “Discredits,” with dodgy old PR, Dry Shit? Nice try, cocksuck. 1.5%. Deal with it. “Bu bu but muh chart!!!” Just goes to show how unplayed Shitbox Done games are, which is another finding of that independent study.

  • Whatever

    Xtwats so desperate for anything you crawl over a teaser video for the smallest morsel. You desperate fuckers are pathetic.

    Buy a Shitpio to play ten year old trash from the worst gen again. Hahahahahah!

    Begging for Shitpio patches. Hahahahahah! Give you something to do during the game drought.

    Slugberg pretending that their 90 minutes overrun stunt is anything but considering these things get planned months in advance. Got to make room for that 15 minute Sea of Thieves gameplay demo. “P-please give a shit you guys!!!” Only thing more sad is Slimy Mikey taking that Jaguar CPU on walkies and pretending that power got “unlocked” when they got the OS back to the same amount of RAM usage as the Xbone. It probably was already like that but they needed a pre-E3 headline. LOL!

    6.5GB for games, Dry Shit. Try getting your facts straight on your sad little fanboy blog.

  • Whatever

    “We couldn’t really tell the difference” “It felt smoother than the PC version I guess” Wow, incredible beast power, Dry Shit. What the hell happened to 4K 60 ultra no compromises highest quality pixels? Hahahahahahah! I remember when Unity managed to run better on the Xbone as though, and it still ran shit. That was one with the marketing deal as well. What a coincidence.

    EA, that’s been up Shittersoft’s ass since the start of the gen, says the Cuckpio is just awesome! Yeah, what a surprise. It’s a big surprise the first third party footage from it was of a hulking man’s ass. Xtwats love that kind of thing.

    Not surprisisng Xtwats haven’t heard of PCs. That’s where it’ll also be 4K. “Bu bu but da beast!!!” No one wants to be involved in your cancerous community, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    HAHAHAHAHAHA what a disaster for you, Dry Shit! Shit name, “true 4K” on indie games and those shit looking exclusives, half your remaining line up delayed to next year and no new first-party games at all, not even rehashes. Instead it’s some cheap shit 2D indie platformer emotion bait. And to top it all off: $499, just like you feared. Watching your shit little blog melt down over the Keighley leak was delicious! Hahhahhhahah! That petition! Hahaahahahha!

    The Xbonx is the Surface of gaming consoles: an overpriced piece of shit no one wants. Hahahaha! Love your hypocrisy: if most of Sony’s conference was timed exclusive indie games you’d have ripped them apart.

    GTS graphically destroys sad little Shitza. Wipeout at 4K60 makes Shitza with its 360 textures look like ass. “True 4K” is a marketing slogan. You can stick it up your ass. πŸ™‚

    Watching you and the rest of the Xtwats go into massive damage control over yet another shit MS E3 has been amazing. “Felt consistently at 30fps” “Couldn’t really tell the difference” Wow, that beast fire, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    I feel bad for Nintendo owners paying $20 a year to prop up dead third party games on the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit. Hope they can turn it off on the system level.

    “4K patch.” Is that native, dynamic or checkerboarded, Dry Shit? Your precious Shittersoft have decided that all of them are “4K ultra HD” to warrant the sticker. Not surprising considering ACO isn’t native 4K on the Shitbox Done. No compromises!

    Must have really chapped your ass that Sony showed more and better games than your timed exclusive indies and delays at the woeful Shitbox conference. $499! Hahahahah! Keep losing.

    I completely forgot about the Ayylmao controller and its shit build quality, Dry Shit. What was it, a million then it disappeared from public attention? No one gives a fuck.

    Sad thing is, your “most buzz” shit used the wrong hashtag to measure it! Hahahahahahha! Your shit got puched in again, Dry Shit. You probably enjoy it though.

    Cuckza 7, the same old shit. No wonder everyone’s laughing at your shit conference!

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit on the damage control! “b-blame ubisoft not my precious cult leaders at shittersoft!!!” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 4K 60fps ultra textures no compromises! What a load of shit you stupid fucking cunts!

    You know, I kind of feel bad for Switch owners being forced to play with you scumbags. First you take away their free online, then that. I hope they tell you to fuck off. Phil Spencer is a cancer trying to prop up a shit dead brand so he’s mestatising to brands around him. Can’t wait until him and you fuck off.

    Yeah, no wonder you’re ass-stung that people are calling out your twat cult leaders for their bullshit. Keep crying, bitch.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit. First Assassin’s Creed, then Destiny 2, then, ARK, now Anthem. Looks like there’s a pattern developing. I expect Xtwats to hunker down and blame the moon for the fact you overhyped that piece of shit.

    Funny how it’s only Xtwats begging for cross-play, isn’t it, Dry Shit? Almost as though you want people to play against in your dead third party games. Fill Sphincter can eat shit, the slimy prick.

    Poor Dry Shit! A native 4K game that isn’t indie or first-party shows up finally and it’s shitty Shadow of War with the marketing deal. That’ll explain the delay, they need more time to downgrade the game.

    LOL Dry Shit! You know things are looking grim when you’re depending on Shitbox France’s Wikipedia numbers for a dead console to keep their retard fanbase happy.

    Begged for a sequel, didn’t get it, now you beg for the chance for a patch for your mediocre open world game. Hahahahahaha! Stay desperate, Dry Shit.

    Another day of damage control from Dry Shit! “Bu bu bu but it’s the dev’s fault waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Shut the fuck up, bitch.

    I thought DF were good guys now, Dry Shit? What happened? They make you look bad because your shitty platformer has frame rate drops? Cry more.

    Clinging to the Milgrau retards! No one cares about Shitza Snorizon and its 360 textures, Dry Shit.

    Another slap in the face for Xtwats! Just 24 hours after misrepresenting another Ryan comment to talk up your own shitty indie program, one of those indie games you fawned over because MS moneyhatted it is going to PS4! Just four measly months, Dry Shit. That’s Shitbox support? It’s a joke, Dry Shit, especially after three years of “Indiestation” from you scum. This is why we hate you, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    You twats still begging for cross-play, Dry Shit? Fuck off. The cancer of the industry needs to stay quarantined.

  • Whatever

    Poor Dry Shit, the bad news has been flowing out so much you’ve resorted to making shit up. No, Project Cars 2 is not 60fps and neither is PUBG. Anything else you fuckers want to make up so you can justify that laughable little upgrade? Hahahahahaha!

    More Dry Shit damage control for those “exclusives” Cancersoft tried to gloat about. PUBG will end up as exclusive as Cities Skyline: four measly months. Haha!

    “Bu bu bu Cuckza Horizon 3!!!!!!” Lowest common denominator shite, Dry Shit. Watching you fuckers shill that soulless garbage as it gets bundled to hell to prop up its numbers makes me laugh.

    Yeah, 6K looking at a brick wall close-up, Dry Shit. Still, it’s a consolation prize for your Project Cars 2 4K 60fps and PUBG exclusivity fake news falling through. Funny how there’s been a ton of pro-Shitbox FUD recently, hasn’t there? Especially after their flop E3.

    Maybe Shitbox Done games shouldn’t suck so bad, huh? LOL talking up upscaling now. What happened to native, Dry Shit? Oh yeah, last week happened.

    Hey, remember 6>4, Dry Shit? Xtwats can dish it out but they can’t take it.

    Titanfall 2 6K looking at a brick wall close-up, Dry Shit. Aren’t you fuckers boycotting this game because the devs hurt your fee-fees? Still, it’s a consolation prize for your Project Cars 2 4K 60fps and PUBG exclusivity fake news falling through.

    Keep begging for that Halo 4.5 upgrade, Dry Shit. And to think it’s only been mere months since you mocked checkerboarding and no Bloodborne update. What goes around comes around, you Saffer cunt. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    I thought indie games didn’t count, Dry Shit? Shittersoft belatedly getting their act together doesn’t preclude anything, you Saffer cunt. πŸ™‚

    HAHAHAHAHAH really plunging the depths after your piece of shit upgrade failed to meet the hype, Dry Shit. Try harder.

    Faster loading times won’t stop Ryse being an abortion, Dry Shit. Keep begging for patches, it just makes you more pathetic.

    Difference being that MS is absolute shit at compression, Dry Shit. Shitza doesn’t even look that good. “4K textures?” Give me a fucking break, retard.

    Keep up the victim complex, Dry Shit, it’s the only exclusive you have at this point.

    Only a million for some F2P shite hyped up for weeks during a drought? That’s a flop, Dry Shit. Better fire up those petitions!

    Hahaha, Neil Smith the Aussie cuckold butthurt about “power of the cloud” getting called out. We all know it was a load of shit to justify that 2013 cancer, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Don’t be mad that IGN’s calling out the Shitbonx for what it is. “4K textures” for one game where the textures barely look a step up over the Xbone. We all know it’s an excuse because Cancersoft can’t compress for shit. Keep crying.

    Sounds like weak emulation of another console is all set to be a stinking turd. I could have easily told you that a fortnight ago but you still in your little shill bubble away from all criticism, Dry Shit.

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA Shitbox drones writing FAQs for the piece of shit upgrade to damage control for free. Fucking pathetic, Dry Shit.

    Cuckza “wins” a consolation prize at E3, Dry Shit. Turd 10 are the masters of churning out safe, derivative shit every year. Kind of sad that in “the year of the Shitpio” it’s another S taking the crown, and you’re holding the L.

    Great to see that twat retard Chris “Snoopy” Guerrero go begging Uncle Phil for a silver lining after two weeks of abject failure. That prick deserves everything he gets.

    What does Crash run on the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit? Fire up a few more petitions so you might be able to get it.

    LOL as if 404i were in any position to tell their remaining fans to fuck off. Would be funny if it ends up being better than the shit Halo games they churn out.

    Don’t you fucking dare try and push the cancerous cheevo shit you fuckers pioneered onto PS, Dry Shit.

    “Several.” You mean two, Dry Shit. Notice how Crackdown 3, despite being eligible, got nominated for absolutely nothing. Shitshow inbound.

  • Whatever

    Yeah, pre-paid cards are very convenient, Dry Shit. Means you can buy stuff on other PSN accounts as well. It helps to know what you’re talking about instead of flouncing about being a pretend journalist, Dry Shit.

    Ask Vicarious Visions why it’s 30fps, Dry Shit. What’s the frame rate on the Shitbox Done? Maybe you could put it in that petition of yours.

    Hahahahahahah! Shittersoft should just give up completely and get used to its third-place status. Even if that happens, you twats will still cry like you’re entitled assholes, Dry Shit.

    Phil “You don’t care about 60fps” Spencer trying to wiggle out of his stupid bullshit. Funny how he’s on another damage control spree on Twatter. Going to be a few more of these after Shitbox’s blunder E3, Dry Shit.

    Is the reality of the Xbonx’s utter half-assedness starting to seep in, Dry Shit? Even DF, which has been bravely trying to talk it up for three months, can only do so much about that Jaguar CPU and all those bottlenecks.

  • Whatever

    Aaron Greenberg is such a slimy cunt, Dry Shit, for real. Literally the most cancerous lump of dog shit at Redmond and he has some serious competition.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA don’t project Shittersoft’s failure to broaden the market onto PlayStation, Dry Shit. It’s time to start owning your own failures.

    Hahahahaah, Dry Shit still triggered that the Shitbox Done was $100 more expensive than the PS4 and weaker. Funny how you think the Shitbonx doing checkerboard 4K 30fps a year later somehow vindicates the Shitbox brand. Mind of a lunatic!

    No one gives a fuck about Anthem, Dry Shit. Take up that footage with the always cancerous EA, they’re the ones who provided it. πŸ™‚

    You’re sounding pretty threatened over Project Cars, Dry Shit. I would be too if the sad litle simcade shithouse Forza was under threat by superior competition. At least you’ll have that E3 Critics Award consolation prize to cling to!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA trying to pin EA’s failure on Sony. It’s funny how much of a loser Quatman is that he had to pour over multiplat E3 trailers to make shit videos over. Thanks for confirming that Xtwats are a cancer.

    Shittersoft offers free crap to make people care about its shit controllers. FASCINATING, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Cute seeing that fat lump of cancer Greenberg crawl out of the sewer and try and make light of the fact a major third party partner doesn’t think that Anthem on the Shitbonks is worth making a different trailer over, Dry Shit.

    It’s always to get reminded that no matter how pathetic you are, that piece of shit twat shill Jizzy Corden will always be worse, Dry Shit.

    “True power of the console” We’ve had three weeks of checkerboard 4K 30fps after a weak E3 reveal so of course DF come out with some out-of-context benchmarking to damage control the blunder of the year, Dry Shit.

    Craphead? That shit could run on a years-old laptop, Dry Shit. Why is the developer telling us what we’ve known for years, Dry Shit? Is the dearth of decent news for Shitbox making Cancersoft go to desperate lengths? Twats.

    Hahahaahaha, Halo. Remind me again how the jewel in the crown gets relegated to a no-time mid-week announcement like this again? “BC” should have happened at launch two years ago but back then they had a broken remaster to sell. Halo at “”””true 4K””””” in the same way it was “””””true 1080p””””” two years ago, right? What a joke, Dry Shit!

    At least you can finally play those PS4 games you’ve been making petitions for for five years, Dry Shit.

    Oh look, Dry Shit is trying to FUD half-floating points again. That’s entirely new and not wholly desperate.

  • Whatever

    You should be selling your Shitbox Done Ass because it has no games, Dry Shit. Get yourself a Switch instead.

    Mediocre rehashed shit at 4K is still mediocre rehashed shit, Dry Shit. Have they clarified what “true 4K” means or have they got their finger up your ass still? I wonder if they’ll still do half-framerate for animations. What an embarrassing game.

    Oh look, cunt Mike teasing more useless features you’ll never use. It must be shill day: gotta get some “good news” out there to counter-act a month of failure, Dry Shit.

    Bubsy can’t be any worse than that Lucky’s Tale shit, Dry Shit.

    Elite Dangerous? People still give a shit about that trash? No, Dry Shit, the Shitbox Done does not have a better CPU. Most frame rates are better on the base PS4, you dumb shit.

    I’m sure there’ll be plenty of nasty, gaudy little pictures for the Xbonks, Dry Shit. Meanwhile the clean, beautiful white Pro will demolish your gameless piece of shit.

  • Whatever

    A mobile version of Shadow of War, Dry Shit? Will that have “4K textures” as well or is that the Windows Mobile version only? Hahahahahahaha!

    Bu bu but I thought AAA was the be all and end all, Dry Shit? That was all that mattered for three years, wasn’t it, Dry Shit? Or are you just another fair weather cocksucking fraud? Don’t answer that question, we all know the answer.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA more pointless begging gone to waste. Instead of a proper conference, here’s another shitty daily show no one cares about staffed by a pair of cuck “community managers,” Dry Shit. I’m sure Crackhead 3 will look dutifully shit.

    GTS releases October 18th! Shitza what? Churn that out once a year and of course there will be consequences, Dry Shit.

    “Despite” LOL Dry Shit! We all know MS brutally kills everything it touches. LinkedIn is just the next in a long line of fucked acquisitions.

    Not surprised 343 Industries gave the go-ahead for that fan project to continue considering how low they’re regarded by just about everyone. Would be pretty fucking embarassing if it ended up being better than Shitlo 5.

    Another Xbox executive spouts off something embarrassing to justify the Shitbox brand. What a surprise, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    “Huge” Gamescom plans, Dry Shit? That load of shit? Another disappointment inbound just like the last few Gamescom Shitbox snoozefests.

    Kind of sad they have to leak Crackhead 3 footage but it’s understandable with how bad it looks. I wouldn’t want it to be official either, Dry Shit.

    Funny how retards like you and that DickLickKid don’t understand that streaming isn’t BC. Then again neither is your pathetic emulation but you still call it that so whatever, Dry Shit.

    Remind everyone of yet another terrible Turds with Gold month, Dry Shit. It always makes me laugh.

    “4K support,” is that another checkerboarded game, Dry Shit?

    Gonna be funny as fuck when the Ataribox sells more than the Shitbox Done, Dry Shit.

    We’ll call the next Shitbox whatever we like, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    What’s the most embarrassing Shitbox news this week, Dry Shit? The revelation that in Q1 this year PS4 Ubisoft sales were twice the Shitbox numbers? Or the leaked NPD numbers for the last two years that show that for all the Ass relaunch shit, price cuts and Shitbonks hype, the Xbone brand is dead? I think the second. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Only just figured out you’re the cancer of the industry, eh Dry Shit? Shame.

    Nintendo doing a better job than Shittersoft, Dry Shit. That’s gotta sting!

    PigFucker desperate for any good news is always expected. More evidence that the Shitbonks is a rush job as well. We can all expect denialism from you if such a thought ever crosses your path though.

    Shitza bullshots always makes me laugh. It makes me laugh harder that you always fall for them because you’re a moron, Dry Shit.

    Another mediocre quarterly and another mediocre financial year for the Shitbox brand, as we all expected, Dry Shit. Cap that off with a particularly horrendous NPD and it’s no wonder you’re scrambling for damage control. Bu bu but Shitza Snorizon dragged itself into the top 20!!!! Pathetic.

    “4K assets” You still pushing that meme, Dry Shit? Love how only Xtwats get conned by bullshots in this day and age.

    Yes, Dry Shit, Moochie Moo is quite the notorious Xtwat. We were all very relieved when a civic-minded chap clipped his wings.

  • Whatever

    Wow, Dry Shit, your damage control and excuses for your rat shit lineup is usually more inspired than this. Starting to settle in your another holiday lineup is all set to be a mediocre stinker, Dry Shit? Good.

    Switch is a bit tragic but it’s still a better console than the Shitbox Done. That’s very tragic, Dry Shit.

    Oh, now Pachter’s words count? How cute, Dry Shit. Of course we all know why Xtwats downplay Japanese games on cue like the bitches they are. Fox and the grapes.

    Begging for OG Xbox BC games. Fucking pathetic. LOL!

    “M-muh approvals!!!” Soft bigotry of low expectations, Dry Shit. I love how you fail to note that this is more evidence the Shitbonks is rushed. “Landing the announce” LOL just open the pre-orders for fuck’s sake. No one wants another ornate reveal when the first two were utter shit.

    HAHAHA I love how you begged Uncle Phil to assuage your fears that first-party is dead, Dry Shit. Delicious. You know things are looking bad when Uncle Phil crawls on Twatter to do distraction PR.

    More PS4/PC sloppy seconds getting announced today, Dry Shit. Hope you get your pre-orders in! Hahahahahahaah!

    Love how you’re still a Microshill even while your masters cuck you because you’re a Saffer, Dry Shit.

    “Again” Fucking up again, Dry Shit! It was in the US previously and the EU now. I love it when you play pretend journalist.

    LMAO Dry Shit utterly desperate for the Switch to stumble this holiday to give the Shitbonks some breathing room. I can’t stop laughing!

    HAHAAHAHAHHA KILLING FLOOR 2 HAHAHAHAH! Sub-4K, same frame rate and ultra textures as PS4 Pro. “bu bu bu but it’s a super monster!!!!” No wonder MS is being cagey about enhancement details since we all laughed at you at E3, you twat.

  • Whatever

    Another awful week for Shitbox in the UK, Dry Shit. Crash triumphant at number one while poor little Shitza Snorizon stagnating at 20th! “Bu bu but we might get it in December!!!” More crumbs that’ll flop on the Shitbox Done.

    Uncle Phil promising less shit footage for Crackhead 3. Does he have no control over this? Doesn’t he review the footage going out that’s supposed to sell this shit? Uncle Phil is such a fraud, Dry Shit.

    KEK Dry Shit still trying the “value for money” line. No one gives a fuck about your checkerboard 4K 30fps turd, Dry Shit.

    Xtwats getting triggered over the Shitbox Done being a failure! It’s OK, it’ll join the pantheon alongside the Sega Saturn and we’ll all laugh at you, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    No attempt to downplay the PS4’s performance, Dry Shit? Must really pain you to have to pretend to be objective.

    Shit indie game comes out in April, no one buys it, developer latches onto the insecure, over-defensive Shitbox fanbase to try and get people to buy their shit game. Is there a single more nakedly obvious attempt to manipulate you fuckers in recent history, Dry Shit? Speaking of shit indie games, Tacoma. What the hell went so wrong? Why aren’t you even talking about it, let alone playing that shit? What a blunder.

  • Whatever

    Cross-platform sure is here to stay, Dry Shit. Thankfully for us it won’t be in the form of Cancersoft latching on to others to bulk up their shit MAUs. Fuck off, Dry Shit.

    Another UI redesign and it’s another turd, Dry Shit. Retooling every six months to copy the same shit the PS4 UI dropped years ago. Why do they never learn, Dry Shit?

    After two months of disappointment, the PC2 devs come out to assure that your precious Shitbonks is a beast! No doubt the threats by Shitbox scum forced their hand, Dry Shit.

    TechRadar knows what’s going on with the Shitbonks, Dry Shit. We already know how to regard that lunchbox.

    Lovecraftian horror, Dry Shit? I thought you losers shit on Bloodborne for having that?

    Remember when you used to beg for NMS? Maybe it’s time to beg some more, loser.

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA CRACKDOWN 3 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA As if we didn’t see that coming with that piece of wank, Dry Shit. And delaying it to the same quarter as RDR2! DOA.

    Oh look, We Happy Few confirmed for PS4. Thanks for beta testing! Who knows, it might actually be kind of decent at release.

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA another shit conference for you. Thanks for the PUBG deal, Dry Shit! It’s gonna be great for the PC and PS4 versions to be finished quicker while the Shitbox Done version flops.

    What’s this in the UK? “Paradox’s β€˜City Skylines: Playstation 4 Edition’ comes in at No20 in its debut week. This means it trumps its Xbox One counterpart, which failed to make the Top 40 when it came out in Week 16 earlier this year.” Why don’t Xtwats buy their own games, Dry Shit?

    Funny how this “limited edition” turd isn’t totally sold out, isn’t it? Maybe they’ll be able to ship a few to South Africa, Dry Shit!

  • Whatever

    A hundred enhanced games each on Shitbonks and Pro, Dry Shit. Want to continue that sentiment?

    You know what’s sad, Dry Shit? Over a year of hype. Over a year of dreams. The result? The Shitbonks does 4K on a two year old Tomb Raider game with medium textures at 30fps. What’s worse? It looks exactly the same as the Pro version. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You know what’s sadder? “Ahead of expectations” at one UK retailer. It is pathetic watching that cocksucker Corden whine so hard for the Shitbonks. His little meltdown yesterday was cute.

    The Shitbonks is doing slightly better than under 420,000 units, Dry Shit. Wow! What a success! The SNES Classic is in more demand at this point.

    Isn’t it sad when a $5 million Kickstarter indie game has better enviroments than your ratshit exclusives, Dry Shit? That fat fuck Quatman needs to wind his neck in, he’s embarrassed himself so much this gen.

    You know things are looking bad when a two year above-average neo-Tomb Raider game is the “centrepiece” of the Shitbonks’ “enhancements!” Hahahahhaha!

    The Shitbox Done is back in stock after Greenberg’s bullshit? And it’s still floundering in 66th place? Wow, just wow!

    Well, well, Dry Shit isn’t actually conned by MS’ fastest-selling bullshit. We’ve all heard that tune before! Hahahahahahahah!

    Shame you have to downplay BF2 being 1080p on pre-alpha code. That good already! Your excuses will be wonderful, Dry Shit.

    That awkward moment when your precious Shitbonks is outdoing Steam Link and still underperforming the Pro from 2016. Oh dear! Maybe you fuckers can pre-order a regular Shitbox as part of your sad little propaganda war! Hahahahahah!

    “Th-The V-Verge guys h-has a 12K TV!!!” Or maybe Gears 4 just looks awful, Dry Shit.

    Why are you so upset about the idea of KB/M players wrecking you, Dry Shit?

    Milgrau scum are a cancer. Funny how them, you, and scum like Ybarra only focus on that one fucking face in that one fucking scene, isn’t it, Dry Shit? It really makes you think.

    Don’t be upset that the Shitbonks’ CPU is so bad, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    LMAOOOOOOOOO Dry Shit is still upset the Shitbonks’ CPU is a turd. Turd it up with Shittersoft instead of whining about reality, loser. πŸ™‚

    Surprise! Another Xbone UI is dogshit. For all your crowing about Shittersoft being “software masters” they sure keep screwing up the basics time and time again.

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH so that one derpface comparison, the one all the Xbox fanboys and executives clinged to in a video that long, was all a load of shit. Dat $100 difference! Hahahahahahahahahah!

    Sadly for you, ReCore still sucks monumental amounts of shit. Sadly when your lineup sucks what else are you going to do push it out early? Hahahahahhha!

  • Whatever

    “C-coming very soon!!! J-just wait!!!!” Can’t stop laughing, Dry Shit!

    Interesting that Shittersoft’s PR is getting ahead of Cuphead’s mediocrity. Maybe the developers should aware themselves of basic game design.

    Haahhaahhhhhahaha Halo Wars 2 30fps on the super-powerful Beastbox Juan! Hahahahahhaahahah!

    Wow, Xtwats don’t buy games, Dry Shit. Who knew? Oh wait, I did.

    Hey Dry Shit, you do know Shitza 5 is on Turds with Gold right now, don’t you? Right? Oh dear.

    LOL McCraffrey the Xtwat fuck lying through his teeth to re-ingratiate himself with the Xtwat cancer. I hope he does the right thing and retire like Gies did, Dry Shit.

    Shitbox Mad was fucking cancer, Dry Shit. The ground zero for butthurt Xtwats who could string together a sentence to metastasise outwards into the rest of the industry much like their shit brand did.

    Uncle Phil put on an advisory team to tell Satya how he tells five million pricks to jump at his beck and call. What a fantastic and appropriate promotion.

    Larry the cuck trying to “explain” the Shitbonks, Dry Shit. I thought there wasn’t any confusion?

    More PC/PS4 scraps for you to pretend to care about, Dry Shit.

    Looks like all those reviewers who gave Shitbox games over a 7 didn’t play them either. Great to see Shack News call out Shitza for its cancer.

    Dry Shit downplaying Shitza’s cancer, of course. It’s no wonder everyone hates Xtwats.

    The Switch is all set to destroy the Shitbox Done this precious holiday, Dry Shit. What’ll be your excuse then, huh? Retard.

    Another sad little doodle on a motherboard. What a load of shit.

    Switch all set to dominate, Dry Shit. Feeling scared?

    Dry Shit bitter because Shitza got called out for its microtransactions. Dry Shit bitter because Shitza is a laughing stock over its 360 assets. Keep crying, Dry Shit.

    Dry Shit desperately trying to defend Shadow of War’s ass graphics. That’s how they got it running at 4K on the Shitbox Done Ecks.

    More like the Overwatch of racing games, Dry Shit. Don’t think we don’t remember your shilling for The Division. Meanwhile Shitza is the COD of racers – out every year, got OK scores and no one gives a shit.

    Cancelling your ACO pre-order?!!?! You’re not a very good shill at all! WHAT HAPPENED TO SOLIDARITY?!?!?!!?

  • Whatever

    Meanwhile Shitza Shittersport 7 hiked up the milking and the minimal updates, Dry Shit. Turd 10 shills can crawl into their hole.

    Of course, you and that Jeremy cuckold are too busy shilling for Turd 10’s cancer because WB put it into another MS-shilled game. Gotta love Xtwat’s commitment to cancer, Dry Shit.

    “M-MS is in a unique position!!!!” I didn’t know they owned Steam, Dry Shit. Oh wait. Nice to see your boss is as delusional as you are.

    PUBG’s running on Azure? That explains why it’s so laggy then.

    Of course you’re a piss weak bitch, Dry Shit. Stick to your weak ass 30fps Shitbox “exclusives.” πŸ™‚

    All those SP games will do far better than the Shitbox Done’s roster of turds. πŸ™‚

    So far the Shitbonks is looking to be a bit of a disaster do don’t be too upset, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    What good news, Dry Shit? Another flop “upgrade” on the Shitbonks? Don’t make me laugh. πŸ™‚

    Poor little Dry Shit can’t handle the fact that Sony will be wiping hardware sales, software sales AND your precious MAUs at once. Maybe it’ll be more meaningful than one XBL log-in a month. πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, that Cuckza Erwin twat is wrong as well. But when have Xtwats never been?

  • Whatever

    All those shit games 80% off, Dry Shit? Now you can suffer through their mediocrity at not quite 4K three years later. Isn’t that wonderful?

    Happy disappointing doughnut with no games day, Dry Shit!

    LOL Alan Walsh the bitch boy beta trying to talk up “unique player” again. Shitza is fucking trash, Dry Shit.

    No surprises that Shalafner Milgrau prick is an online troll. Is it any wonder why Shitza has the reputation it does?

    “Underrated” Gotta love how delusional CrazyWank is. Gotta love how awful QB is for “the beast.” I can’t wait to see Cuckza 7’s 360 assets in 4K either.

    Always good to see that Corden moron get owned, Dry Shit. Watching him at maximum shill has been pretty embarrassing.

    “Uncompromised 4K 60fps.” Where did it all go so wrong, Dry Shit? Stick to eating shit on a bed of shit like a good little Xtwat. You and that Kevin Alexander bitch moron.

    Thanks Rand al-Turd for showing to me, a professional journalist, how to do something screamingly easy on the PS4. Poor little half-wit. πŸ™‚

    HAHAHAHAHHAHA DRY SHIT! JUST 80,000 SHITBONKSES FIRST WEEK IN THE UK! Switch did the same number in HALF THE TIME! Failure confirmed, dickhead. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    No shit the fanboy drones like you were going to turn out day one, Dry Shit. The Switch doing the same numbers in half the time? PS4 Pro doing about the same considering time lag? OG Xbone doing twice better at the same price with shit reputation? And with the Pro and Switch having stock shortages? Yeah, we can safely call the Shitbonks a failure, Dry Shit. But hey, it’s in the top ten of some obscure retailer no one’s heard of. Good job.

    “P-probably closer to B-Black Friday!!!” Or probably never because we know what the deals are already. LOL!

    Congratulations Shittersoft for getting through the 20 Shitbonkses allocated for South Africa this year! What an achievement!

    Don’t worry, we know you don’t play games, Dry Shit, you’re an Xtwat.

    “””””Enhanced””””” and barely looks better than the Pro, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Cuckza Microtransactions 7 was out for two weeks longer than GTS. GTS does weaker in the US than other territories. Cuckza Microtransactions came 10th. LOL!

    Feel true desperation, Dry Shit. You know things are bad when Shittersoft has to go to the Daily fucking Star for a quote to shill its piece of shit.

    LOL fat fuck Quatman begging people to buy the few exclusives the Shitbox Done ever got. Sad!

    Kidsmoove and Dry Shit mad that the Shitbox Done is a laughing stock. At least with the former he’s lost his Youtube account!

    Awwww, poor little Dry Shit is upset he can’t join in on the Death Stranding fun. Never mind! Sea of Turds finally has a release date, as if anyone cares.

    LOL PUBG doing a pathetic 500,000 in two days on S**tbox. What’s even worse is damage controlling this by comparing it to LawBreakers, a game with different amounts of marketing released at a different time in a different sub-genre that’s overcrowded. Pathetic, Dry Shit.

    I’d be surprised if MS bundled a copy of a broken unfinished indie with the most powerful console ever too, Dry Shit.

    CuckG is “popular” (lol a million lol) because you fuckers hyped it up for six months and there’s fuck all else on your dead little lunchbox. I thought The Shitalition meant it would be decent day one, Dry Shit? What happened to Azure, that’s another bust. I love how one game has exposed the lies the Shitbox brand is built on. I love PUBG.

    Sea of Turds? Hahahahah! Even your precous HDR isn’t saving that crap.

    LOL sorry about your pre-order, Dry Shit. Maybe it’s that massive demand? Hahahhahahahahah!

    Dry Shit winning the fake 4K war. 400,000 Shitbonkses in its best market against 70 million PS4s worldwide. Hold that L, you little bitch. πŸ™‚

    They still trying to give away Lame Pass subs? LOL so much for that shit.

    1.1 million for Cuckhead on Steam, 600,000 on GOG, that’s a pathetic 500,000 on the Shitbox Done. Why don’t Xtwats buy games, Dry Shit?

    South Africa gets the Shitbonks and nobody cares, Dry Shit. Have fun spending the rest of the gen justifying your purchase to yourself with your magnifying glass and your delusion. πŸ™‚

    Dynamic resolution in both modes and unstable framerate along with the same textures. There, I spoilt DF’s video for you and Neil Smith the snivelling bitch. πŸ™‚

    Cuckbarra on the damage control! Love how turning DVR off was a placebo, same as your worthless patches.

    For a limited time, get a broken unfinished barely functional game with the most powerful console everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hahahahahahahahah!

    Big surprise you’re bad at PUBG, Dry Shit. Xtwats are generally bad at games.

    Nice to see Cuckbarra admit that Xtwats don’t finish games, Dry Shit. Why don’t they?

    Bu bu but Xtwats told me that Kodi was such an important game changer, Dry Shit. Was it all a lie?

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA RECORE HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! Game just plain ol’ sucked, Dry Shit.

    LOL who pre-orders a game with no release date, Dry Shit? Maybe Xtwats do because they have nothing else to do.

    FYI Shitbox runs on AMD so there’s nothing magic there, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    What happened to four million, Dry Shit? That eight million is even more laughable now. When PS4 and Switch exclusives are doing three million in two weeks, it makes a mockery of Xtwats, doesn’t it?

    “Highest console share” means “we got our asses blown out in PUBG month during the holiday so we’ll try and change the narrative now.” Fuck Aaron Greenberg. πŸ™‚

    That fucking HORI controller is an abomination, Dry Shit. Why is it only Xtwats have an issue with non-Shitbox controllers anyway?

    Dry Shit trying to talk up the Xbone’s haphazard emulation. Give it a rest, no one actually cares.

    Uncle Phil digging up Fable’s corpse just two years after he killed it and hawking it off to the hacks and shills at Shitground so they can make a Horizon copy for 2022 is fucking hilarious, Dry Shit!

    Shitza Snorizon looking as underwhelming as ever, even with your res mandate. Credit to you, though, you’re honest about your disappointment over the lack of 60fps. πŸ™‚

    There’s been so many mediocre Forza games over the last five years I’m not surprised people can’t keep track anymore, Dry Shit.

    LOL no one uses Mixer, Dry Shit.

    Get used to it, it’s going to be a handful of low-budget AA turds and a few dead IPs dragged out of their graves and handed over to hacks with a mid-level budget, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    Broken backwards compatibility, Dry Shit. So the kind of BC you love and make excuses for!

    Dry Shit downplaying VR after talking it up in 2016. I wonder what happened, Dry Shit? Oh yeah, MS teased it then quietly dropped it. πŸ™‚

    Dry Shit begging people to care about Sea of Turds. So pathetic. πŸ™‚

    Dry Shit making excuses for Xtwats not playing games to justify his GaaS milking. Pathetic stuff.

    LOL what makes you think anyone would waste time on shit games just because they’re pre-rented, Dry Shit? Guess to show Xtwat low expectations when it comes to MS’ awful games.

    Shittersoft is on the “cutting edge,” that’s why they let Cloudgine slip away. The only thing Lame Pass is is an admittance that Xtwats don’t buy games and a desperate attempt to raise margins. At least CrapGamer is honest about it.

    “I prefer getting milked!!!!” Hey, at least you’re honest about the fact you don’t play games, Dry Shit. πŸ™‚

    LOL so much for that special announcement from Bamco. Another Shitbox failure. πŸ™‚

  • Whatever

    Awwwwww, are you upset because PigFucker is being honest instead of swallowing Phil’s stagnant jizz unquestioningly like every other Xtwat? Deal with it. πŸ™‚

    LOL apparently businesses have to accommodate for the feelings of butthurt Xtwats who don’t buy games now. Retail doesn’t want to waste shelf space on stuff that doesn’t sell, Dry Shit. It’s simple business. πŸ™‚

    Dry Shit begging Phil and Aaron for games because he needs to justify his Lame Pass subscription. Hahahahahahhha! πŸ™‚

    I wonder which loathsome Xbox executive fed MS-friendly Polygon that sad little rumor. Polygon, maybe? Funny thing is, it’s “thinking about acquiring.” Dumb fuckers would throw offers at all and sundry and still get told to fuck off! πŸ™‚

    Four years later and Dry Shit is still making excuses for MS’ 2013 cancer. Keep at it, you little bitch. πŸ™‚

    “C-cutting a whole market!!!!” Not really. You fuckers don’t buy games anyway, Dry Shit.

    That’s right, Dry Shit, grind that hollow MP game with the short gameplay loop for the next three months so you can get that underwhelming endgame. I’m sure the 10/10s will pile in.

  • Whatever

    Always great to see fake journalist Dry Shit on damage control. No profit margins, stagnating XBL user numbers, Sea of Turds flopped and Lame Ass isn’t cannibalising game sales because Xtwats don’t play games. Only thing Shitbox is a solid foundation on is for more failure.

    No, Dry Shit, Nu-Turd Raider killed itself a long time ago by being mediocre shit. Of course, Shittersoft gettings its dirty fingers on the series helped to kill it fast as well.

  • Whatever

    Nice to see Dry Shit making the usual excuses for his Shittersoft masters. MS want to milk you fuckers dry and they can that with contentless MP trash they expect you to grind.

  • Whatever

    Cute seeing Dry Shit the fake journalist whine about Xtwats demanding to see early stuff when you fuckers have been begging for a “roadmap” for weeks. Self-awareness was never an Xtwat’s talent though. I wonder what mediocre AA turd Uncle Phil will lay out at E3 which you’ll hype out for a year before it comes out and, surprise! It’s shit. Try begging MS’ studios to stay with Shittersoft instead.

    Cute seeing Dry Shit trying to project the Xtwat propensity to not play games onto everyone else. The only reason CODBOPS 4 doesn’t have an SP is because Treyarch botched it, nothing else.

    MGSV was great, Dry Shit. Oh wait! Ground Zeroes was 720p on your Shitbox. No wonder you twats are still bitter. Hahaha.

  • Whatever

    Gotta love it when Dry Shit gets bitter. A PS1 Classic would easily do better than the Shitbonks and the games would function better than that piss weak emulation!

    Don’t be mad that State of Delay 2’s shit numbers are only worth mocking, Dry Shit. What the fuck Shittersoft were thinking believing they could gloat with that is beyond me.

    Wow, an actual Lucky fanboy. Never thought I’d ever see one of them. Lucky is going nowhere, by the way.

    You forced yourself to like State of Delay 2 because you’ve got fuck all else, Dry Shit. Keep being bitter about better games on other platforms.

    LOL Dry Shit! Not only was State of Delay 2 half the price it was out for twice as longer as well. Broken game got BTFO as usual, Xtwat. Hold that L and hold it tight.

    Yeah, Dry Shit, people got conned once, they aren’t going to get conned again. Another Shitbox flop, hahahhahha!

  • Whatever

    Great to see Dry Shit in massive damage control yet again. Trying to compare a game announced in 2016 to a game announced in 2014, the former delayed for polish and to avoid RDR2 and the latter possibly delayed because it’s a fucking trainwreck. Try harder.

    “Higher end Shitbox.” Yikes, Dry Shit, literally no one wants that. The next PS will be a big step up and shared architectures likely means previous games will work too. Don’t be too mad, Dry Shit.

  • Whatever

    Xtwats with the usual deflection for Phil’s Spencer’s mismanagement and incompetence. Here’s some food for thought, Dry Shit: if Platinum are making eight games and only one of them is enough of a fuck up to warrant cancellation, who’s more likely to be responsible: the developer who put out seven games successfully or the publisher with a sustained history of failure? Prick.

    Shittersoft making a Superman game isn’t outside of bounds of believability, Dry Shit. We all know Shitbox operates purely out of spite.

    Hahahaha Dry Shit melting down because Crackhead 3 got delayed. That’s not really the problem. What is the problem is MS’ utterly atrocious first-party that makes this more of an issue than it should be. Got it yet?

    It could be worse, you could be downplaying a new game by the creator of Rez while justifying that online fee with your lack of games, Dry Shit. Oh wait.

  • Whatever

    Dry Shit with his usual victimhood and strawmen. No one’s think 2019 is perfect for PS5. I sure hope Shittersoft rush out another Shitbox. It’ll make crushing it even easier.

    Funny how they pointed out that Shittersoft is the only one who charges to play F2P games, isn’t it, Dry Shit? But yeah, keep begging to leech like the cunt you are.

    Lame Ass means jack shit because you fuckers would have turned out anyway for your dogshit DayZ clone during this drought, Dry Shit. Know what’s funnier? God of War still second in its second month. Detroit charting third at full price with just three days. Three Nintendo and PS exclusives charting in the top 20 each. Meanwhile the Shitbox Done is dead last and Sea of Shit is fucking gone. What happened, Dry Shit?

    You sound scared, Dry Shit. Don’t worry, I’m sure the next rushed Shitbox console will be enough of a turd that it’ll mean that people will stay snugly where they are of their own volition.

  • Whatever

    Hahahhah Dry Shit throwing a tantrum because QB’s rushed checkerboarding looked like shit while the Pro’s version of it makes the Shitbonks look like the overhyped, overpriced turd that it is. Keep crying, you salty bitch.

    Dry Shit clinging to another awful Shitbox quarter. Still no profit figures and now Shittersoft leaning on Switch owners to prop up Shitbox Live MAUs mean that, yes, Shitbox is dead and buried. Maybe next year they’ll put out more overpriced hardware and more worthless subscriptions to milk you over.

    Seethe more because a special edition Pro fucking destroyed the worthless Shitbox Done Ass in just 24 hours, Dry Shit. Another Xtwat narrative busted. Twat.

    Looks like Dry Shit’s having difficulty with how numbers work. The Shitbox Done was $399 last year. The Shitbonks is $499. “Exceptionally well!” The Shitbonks is a failure. Twat. πŸ™‚

    Hey Dry Shit, tell me more about those Lame Ass rental numbers for Sea of Shit. Hahahahhahahah!

    Xtwat cancer act like obnoxious bitches for five years and now you want to leech off bigger and better consoles because you fuckers don’t buy games? How does a nice, big, juicy FUCK OFF sound, Dry Shit?

    You don’t need to wonder why, Dry Shit. You know why. Xtwat shill blogs like your former website and MondoXbox need to save face somehow. Stupid prick.

    Dry Shit the dipshit has to break Spiderman with NPCs you’re not meant to see while making excuses for downgraded Shit Raider because the puke-green logo’s on the marketing. Desperate much, bitchtits?